Woman Asks ‘AITA’ For Returning The Money Her Husband Charged Her Family To Attend A Cookout

I’m a big believer in the idea that if you’re hosting something, you’re covering the cost of whatever you choose to provide your guests. Sure, they might bring some wine or chips or something, but the point of being a host is to be generous with your food and drink and you never, ever ask somebody to pony up for it.

Redditor u/Attic-Lights5475 recently asked Reddit:

“AITA for returning the money my husband took from my family for attending our cookout?”

And it seems like a VERY cut and dry NOPE from me, but let’s see what she wrote.

OP’s husband has a wealthy family and he’s inherited a gorgeous house. Nice, right?

For context: My f28 husband m33 comes from a wealthy family and he himself has inherited a number of assets from his relatives. One of them is this huge house (where we live right now) with a pool and a huge backyard with lots of features.

We decided to host our first cookout after we got married (7 months ago) and we invited both his and my family. That was on friday, both families came and we had lots of fun then everyone went home later.

The pair are newlyweds and hosted their first cookout with both their families. It seemed like everything was great. Until OP got a phone call from her mom…

I then got a phonecall from mom and she didn’t sound okay. She asked wether or not my husband took money from his family before they attended the cookout. I was confused I asked what she was talking about and she told me that my husband charged every single person from my side of family who attended the event $25 dollars. I was utterly shocked and very angry and felt like this has legitimately damaged my relationship with most of my family because, almost all of them came over. not just that, but he got $275 dollars from them.

This husband, remember: this RICH husband, went and charged OP’s family $25 to go to this cookout. When OP confronted him, he said her family “got to enjoy the space” like they were some kind of peons eager for a glimpse at the king?

I was so livid I hung up the phone and confronted him immediately. He told me my family got to “enjoy” the space and view and said that I should think of it as a “resort” cookout since this house has lots of luxuries. I told him it was a horrible thing for him to do and that what made it worse is the fact the his family didn’t pay like mine had to. He laughed then reminded me that his family gave him this house. I demanded he give the money back but he said no and that he won’t even give it to me since the house is technically his.

Hoo boy, this guy is such a loser. He said because the house was “his” he wouldn’t give her family’s money back. OP just went ahead and did it anyway, repaying her family and apologizing.

I went and took the money and gave everyone who paid their money back with a sincere apology from me. My husband found out and flipped out at me calling what I did an overstepping and disrespectful. I told him he shouldn’t have taken money from my family for being guests at our house, but he corrected me saying it’s his house and said that he’d bet my family had never got to attend a cookout at a house like this and that it was just $25 dollars but I disrespected him and went behind his back and took money that wasn’t mine.

The husband said again that it’s “his” house and her family was lucky to go. Oh my god, I hate him.

We stopped talking after this argument and he keeps venting to his mom about me taking “his” money that he earned his own way.

Reddit also hated this guy: