Woman Says She Found Out Her Husband Is Cheating On Her With Their Son’s Underage Girlfriend

The title of this posts on Reddit’s TrueOffMyChest subreddit doesn’t quite do what’s happening justice, so let me help you out, u/Sundoesnotshine:

“Found texts between my husband and my son’s gf, he is abusing a literal child.

The story is kind of unnecessarily long for what it is because: LADY, YOUR HUSBAND IS ABUSING A CHILD, THERE’S NO STORY. But here you go:

OP and her husband have one child. They had trouble having more and the marriage suffered because of it.

My (F42) husband (M45) and i have been married for 20 years, and have a son who is 17. We used to want to have more kids but my body wasn’t able to get pregnant, i suffered from 2 miscarriages, and we visited a lot of Drs and specialists but at some point, i just decided i didn’t want to have another kid. The one who appeared more devastated was my husband, he had this big dream of having a huge family, and sometimes i blame myself for not giving him that. I can confidently say our marriage was hurt by that.

OP and the husband really grew distant; they stopped having sex and stopped interacting. They stayed together for their son.

Life continued and my husband and i stopped having sex, also we stopped talking to each other, only for essential stuff, and sometimes we had the casual conversations you have with a stranger when you don’t want an awkward encounter. The only reason we stayed together was my son.

As a teen, the son started dating a really sweet girl. She’s part of the family now and comes over often.

Now that he is a teenager, and has a gf. She is pretty, tall, funny and i guess she is a good kid. I know her parents, and they’re good people too. Used to be our neighbors and that’s how she and my son know each other. Guess i never thought they would be dating, and funny from me, that’s what i wanted because i thought she would be incredible for my son.

This girl is basically a second kid for this family. She eats over there, she spends the night, she’s … God, she’s a DAUGHTER. But.

Well, now she was kinda part of the family she came over at least 3 times per week to be with my son. We had dinner together, and she sometimes spent the night and even helped me to make breakfast. I don’t when my husband and she started talking to each other, but they did as if they were old friends. I never thought too much of it since she and i were friends too, but with my husband was different.

OP started having a weird feeling about what was going on. She didn’t want to admit what was happening — understandably, that’s got to be super hard.

I got this weird feeling something between them was odd, she followed him everywhere, they were always seated next to each other, she changed her voice around him, everything was odd. I didn’t dare to admit something was happening, she is a minor and he would be on serious problems if something was happening.

But the evidence kept piling up.

I also saw my husband being busier than usual, getting a lot of phone calls, responding to messages like crazy and even though that isn’t suspicious, i could see him smiling in a lot of those moments. Especially for calls he always left immediately when he received one, which is new behavior for him.

And one day, OP caught a glimpse of what was going on with all the phone calls and texts… OP doesn’t go into details but she is clear that what she saw was enough.

So the other day, he worked from home and stayed in his office all day. I called him to eat dinner with us but he wasn’t answering, so i went to check on him. It was late like 11 PM and i found him asleep on his desk, i was about to wake him up so he could rest on the bed when i just saw his computer unlocked. He had a lot of documents opened up and also his email. I decided to close everything when i saw the name of my son’s gf. Couldn’t resist and started reading, and i just couldn’t keep looking, i close the computer and left the room.

OP is struggling mightily with this, but really the only step here is to get that child away from your disgusting husband.

My son saw me and asked if i was alright, i said i was, it was just a headache, and should go to bed to rest. I lay on that bed thinking about it, i pretended to be asleep when he came into the room. I stayed up all night blaming myself for not being good enough for him, cursing on my mind everything and everyone, i wanted to cry so bad but i just couldn’t.

I feel disgusted, betrayed, I feel hurt and it breaks my heart thinking of my son. I am so mad, i just can’t act like i didn’t read all of that.

A fair few comments on Reddit also thought this was a bit of a weird exercise, but in case it’s not, here’s what others said.