Husband Verbally Abuses Sister-In-Law About Her Infertility – Wife Wonders If She’s Wrong For Not Defending Her

Infertility has never been and will never be a joke. It is a very real and traumatic experience that many women throughout the world go through and require support for. Despite it being an expected topic to not insult, some people are just a-holes.

One Redditor recently came to the “Am I The A-hole” subreddit community to question if she was wrong for defending her ignorant husband after he made insulting comments towards her infertile sister-in-law. After mentioning she was going to try an IVF procedure, OP’s (u/RAthrowRA30136) husband told her sister that she should find a “better use for her money.” If you don’t know what an IVF is, it’s a medical procedure whereby an egg is fertilized by sperm in a test tube or elsewhere outside the body and is often times the only way infertile women can conceive a child.

Read the story below and context to see for yourself just how big of an A-hole this guy is. You can also find some top comments from the original post. Enjoy?

“Neither she or my parents are speaking to me as of now.”

OP asked Reddit: “AITA for telling my sister to stop coming to me to complain about what my husband says to her?”

My (f31), sister (f35) “Claire” has struggled with her inability to have kids for years. She gets all kinds of questions from people about when she’ll have kids but somehow she focuses on what my husband says about the topic and complains about how he constantly makes backhanded comments about her inability to have kids. She once claimed he told her “women in their 30’s+ have lesser chances to bear children” or that one time she claimed he mocked her infertility by calling her garden “barren” just like her. I admit that my husband is the type to dish it out but her complaining seemed excessive because she never liked him anyway.

Seems like OP’s husband is just one of those people who claims to be “brutally honest” but is actually just a grade “A” a-hole…

Last week we got together for dinner at my parents house. My sister came downstairs later while mom and I were in the kitchen. She told me that my husband “suggested” she backs out of her IVF treatment and find “better use for the money” when she announced wanting to try IVF. She went on about how insensitive and hurtful his words were. I felt upset, I told her she was right to be mad but she needed to stop coming to me to complain about him as if he was my son, and try to speak to him instead. She snapped at me saying she already talked to him but since he’s my husband and “I” brought him “into” the family then I should be the one to “handle” him. I told her her reasoning didn’t make any sense but she called me selfish and cruel just like him.

OP’s sister has a point. She continued:

It got so overwhelming when my mom sided with her, even going as far as to say I was enabling him! I left and went home. My husband said my sister is just being too sensitive because he was just giving his honest opinion when she brought up the IVF, and said that if she has an issue with him she should tell him to his face. he also said that she’s probably looking for an excuse to pick an argument with me and that I was innocent and had nothing to do with this despite her trying to involve me.

Neither she or my parents are speaking to me as of now. AITA?

Redditors were livid about the audacity of OP and her husband. What would you have done?

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