35 People Called Out Online For Being Lazy

No one likes a lazy person. Especially when it inconveniences everyone else around.

All I’m saying is if you want to be lazy, do it at your own home so everyone else doesn’t have to pick up after you.

If not, don’t be surprised if someone calls you out online like the folks below.

1. “People Who Do This Are Just The Worst”

2. “Multiple Reasons Why You Should Put Your Cart Back And Not Be Lazy”

3. “Did She Purchase Or Put Back Any Of The Books? Of Course Not”

4. “If You Have A Gender Reveal Party And Leave Confetti Everywhere For People To Pick Up, F**k You”

5. “This Is Embarrassing”

6. “I Pulled The Foil Off Of This To See What Was In It, And It Was Empty. And Still In The Fridge”

7. “My Roommate Throws Away Dishes So He Won’t Have To Do Them”

8. “Don’t Even Get Me Started On The People That Test Spray Paint Like This”

9. “We Call This One, ‘The Landlord Supremo'”

10. “People At The Dog Park I Go To Are Too Lazy To Put Their Poop Bags In The Trash Can So They Hang Them On The Fence”

11. “Driving Over Graves Because They’re Too Lazy To Walk”

12. “Lazy Karen”

13. “This Guy Wasn’t About To Let 13 Inches Of Snow Or Laziness Stop Him From Getting To Work On Time”

14. “I Will Pass On The Lunch Meat. Thanks Anyway. Too Lazy To Get A Ladder”

15. “How My Ex Roommate Left Her Bathroom After Moving Out”

16. “This Idiot Hit Me While He Was Pulling Out Of A Gas Station, He Said He Didn’t See Me”

17. “People Who Are Too Lazy To Remove Their Strings After Fishing Or Crabbing. So Many Animals Get Trapped In This And Die”

18. “My Neighbor Keeps Parking Her Car On Top Of My Garden Area Instead Of Her Driveway Because She’s Too Lazy To Pull Her Trash Cans In”

19. “So I Finally Got A House, And They Literally Painted Over Bugs On The Wall”

20. “I Tore My Rotator Cuff So My Husband Told Me He’d Finish The Interior Painting On Our Downstairs. He Says He’s Done”

21. “Every Day This Lady Walks Her Dog And Throws It’s Poop In The Same Tree”

22. “This Guy Ignored No Entry Sign And Drove On Wooden Pier, Because He Was Too Lazy To Carry Stuff On His Dolly”

Pier has to be closed for structural inspection.

23. “Lazy People Who Abandon Their Unwanted Groceries In The Freezer, Causing Them To Explode And Become Unsellable”

24. “Best Employee Of The Month”

25. “Lady, Your Laziness Causes An Unnecessary Queue At The Exit Of Cardales”

26. “First Day At The Beach And My Wife Made Sure I Was Protected From Sunburn By Spraying My Back With Sunscreen. I Can’t See Back There – Did She Do A Good Job?”

27. “Yes. He Was Using Them Both”

28. “Lady Is Too Lazy To Find A Parking Spot So She Blocks The Bus From Picking Up The Kids From School”

29. “I Was Making Homemade Churros For The Husband And The Piping Bag Tip Popped Out. Too Lazy To Fix It. I Present To You The Turdo”

30. “Too Lazy To Put Your Cart Up? Block The Handicap Spots”

31. “People Who Can’t Pick Up After Themselves”

32. “My Wife Never Fully Screws The Lids Back Onto Anything”

33. “When You’re So Lazy And Can’t Walk 20ft To Watch Your Kid”

34. “Kinda Funny Tho”

35. “Lazy People Parked Right At The Entrance To Load Their Vehicle Up And Blocked The Traffic”

Nate Armbruster

Nate Armbruster is a stand-up comedian and writer based in Chicago who is likely writing a joke as you read this. Find him online at natecomedy.com.