Millennials Are Sharing Painfully Relatable Truths In An Online Group (20 Pics)

Millennials have been handed a raw deal for decades. They were the generation of over-scheduled, over-performing, over-pressured kids who graduated into a broken economy and a tremendous recession. Then they spent a decade+ clawing out of that hole while listening to BS financial advice like “just stop eating avocado toast.” THEN they had a pandemic throw their career trajectories to sh*t.

It’s like. A lot.

We checked out the subreddit “Lost Generation” to clock millennial struggles, but after everything we’ve all gone through the last three years, perhaps its time for an update.

1. Medical history


2. Straight numbers

3. It didn’t exist!

4. Can’t start life on that salary

5. Isn’t it weird?


6. Nobody listens


7. The elderly in power


8. Truth.


9. Misaligned values


10. Netflix? Really?


11. Sick of it

12. Ah, the overlords

13. Catch-22

14. Again, too old!

15. Tears!

16. Helps to be rich

17. WT actual WHY

18. No kids sure seems like the only way

19. Good grief

20. This stings