Mother Asks Daughter For A Place To Live, But Refuses To Live Under Same Rules She Made Her Daughter Follow

As a parent, one thing to consider is that your kids will (hopefully) one day help take care of you when you’re older. Whether that’s financial help, or literally helping take care of you. So it’s probably in your best interest to be nice to your kids in the long run.

One Redditor’s mother showed up on her doorstep asking to live with her. While many folks would welcome them with open arms, she found it to be the perfect time for payback.

The woman never thought her mother would visit, but she appeared at her home asking for a place to live

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The OP explained exactly why she felt this way in the popular subreddit r/TrueOffMyChest. You can read her full explanation here, but we’ve included it below.

The two never got along and according to OP her mother made it clear that she hated her

She was kicked out at the age of 16, but luckily her dad let her live with him

The LAST thing the woman expected was a visit from her mother looking for a place to live

There wasn’t enough space in the house for her to stay, but OP was willing to make room but only with a few ground rules

The EXACT same rules that her mother made her follow

Her mother refused to stay because she says those rules were unfair and inhumane. She even called her daughter a “monster”

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Do you think she was wrong to treat her mother this way? Some folks would do anything to help their parents, but OP’s story resonated with commenters who seemed vindicated by her.

Some commenters shared share their own stories of abuse and wish they had the opportunity to do this to their parents.

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