People Are Sharing Things They Like That The Vast Majority Of People Hate (30 Pics)

There are a lot of things people pretty much universally hate, but I always wonder, someone somewhere has to like it, right?

From brussels sprouts to mint chocolate chip ice cream, people are sharing the things they like that the vast majority of people hate. See how many of these you also like:

What’s something you like that the vast majority of people hate?



silhouette of man standing near body of water

knovit said:
Being alone.

jasta85 replied:
This is me. When I was young, I was always told that the key to success was making friends and building up a network and that the end goal was marriage. I forced myself to do work towards all these things, ended up working in leadership/management positions for most of my career, and almost got married. But I realized over time that my happiest moments were when I was alone at home and could just relax and not worry about anyone else.

I’m single, with no intention of ever changing that. I also now work from home and don’t go out of my way to be around people unless it’s for something I genuinely enjoy. It’s been 3 years and my life is so much better now and I’m not changing my lifestyle unless I feel a need to.


pink umbrella
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eggtart_prince said:
Gloomy and rainy days.

amposa replied:
I love gloomy and rainy days, just like I love the winter and the nighttime. The world slows down, I don’t feel like I have to be “on,” there is no reason to feel like I am missing out on something performative since we can all just stay inside. I’ve suffered from depression most of my life and I find the symptoms worsen on hot sunny days. They are so all-consuming and oppressive.


woman lying on black hammock while holding phone

-alexandra- said:
Doing absolutely nothing all weekend. Unfortunately, this is a distant memory because of kids.

scocopat replied:
Nothing beats laying on my bed with my dogs and wasting all my time. Love Reddit and Instagram and YouTube. Absolutely nothing productive just laze. If I could get away with being a lazy piece of nothing with no contributions to society I would.


white windmill during daytime

I think wind turbines are elegant. I don’t think they should be installed everywhere, but I don’t find them ugly as many people do.


brown wooden board with silver baubles
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I love untangling things. Your Christmas lights end up in a ball and there’s no telling where it starts or ends? Give. Got a necklace that got rolled up into a total mess? I’m your detangler. Headphones come out of your pocket looking like a Tangela? No problem! Total zen for me. Wish I could make a few bucks with it tho.


shallow depth of fields photography of green vegetable on brown wooden panel
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featureenvy said:
Brussels sprouts

Turtlehead88 replied:
Oven roasted with bacon.

sketchypoutine replied:
Sauteed with garlic, olive oil and minced sun dried tomatoes.

Jayypoc replied:
Sautee brussels sprouts halved with garlic, chili flakes, soy sauce, onions and some popcorn shrimp. Serve on top of riced cauliflower. *chefs kiss*

dilxoxoxlib replied:
In a sauce made of heavy cream and pepper, baked in an oven and parmesan.

Psychological_Air455 replied:
Roasted with honey and balsamic vinaigrette!

vexmaster123 replied:
Why is everyone describing ways to hide the flavour? Jk I love them too, they’re really hard to burn so you can go super dark and them glaze them, super tasty and there might even be some vitamins left! They’re also great in a coleslaw.


pine trees surrounded with snow
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FakeLordFarquaad said:
A Winnipeg winter day where there’s not a cloud in the sky or a breath of wind, but it’s so f*****g cold out your nose hairs freeze together every time you breathe

WaterCluster replied:
I much prefer the winter to the summer we are having right now. You can always put more layers on, there are only so many you can take off. I like going outdoors to run and in the winter you don’t get cold with the right layers (even if your sweat freezes in your top layer). With the current weather, jumping in water every kilometer is the only way.


brown chips on brown textile

Theybe_Kar_Mans said:
Salt and vinegar Lays chips. I love them and whenever I ask people look at me like I’m crazy. It’s good and idk why people are sleeping on it but apparently no on like it.

WeirdGuacamole replied:
Hated these as a kid, but love them as an adult. I’m curious if a lot of people just haven’t given them another chance since they were little, and are just going off of that memory.


SalFunction12 said:
Dark chocolate.

DiamondOracle194 replied:
It’s my go-to in baking. Everyone eats the cookies, brownies, or fudge I make with it and they enjoy it because it’s not sickenly sweet.

Dark chocolate nibs from the Bulk Barn for the win.


person showing brown gift box

happygoose2022 said:
Wrapping presents! It’s super therapeutic and relaxing to me. I’ll wrap everyone’s presents in the house, even the ones they have to give to other people!

frickineh replied:
If everyone would just get off my [case] about it, *cough* mother *cough*, and let me take my time, I’d love it. I did it for Macy’s one Christmas and learned how to do it so every edge and fold is clean and the bows are majestic as heck, and I still do my own that way, but my mom will ask me to wrap something for her and then stand there and tell me I’m so slow and it doesn’t have to be perfect blah blah. Ma’am. You asked me because you know I’m good at it, if it takes 5 minutes, that’s how long it takes.


person walking on street while holding black umbrella near cars on road at nighttime
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When it starts getting dark early. People complain about how Polish winters are gloomy and depressing because it starts getting dark after 3 p.m. but I love it. F**k the sun.


person holding ice cream

Mint chocolate chip everything


brown bread on brown wooden table
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Oatmeal raisin cookies, and raisin bran, I like raisins in general.


green leaves plant during daytime

This_Personality3731 said:
I don’t know anyone personally besides myself that likes cilantro.

DasherPepper replied:
I [fudgin’] love cilantro. Fries with spicy seasoning, feta, [dung] tons of cilantro, sour cream and salsa, yeees.

This_Personality3731 replied:
You’re speaking my language.


grayscale photo of man making silly face
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I love puns. They’re the easiest jokes to get because I’m stupid.


white and gray star ornament

waverunnr said:
Blue Cheese. I’ll add it to most things I eat.

countingsheep1234 replied:
A local pizza place has a blue cheese pizza and OMG it’s the best thing ever.

DoorSubstantial2104 replied:
I bought my husband a pizza oven for his birthday and since then I’ve had blue cheese pizza every weekend. Just had one about 3 hours ago. Best thing is it means there’s always blue cheese in the fridge to snack on too.


person holding white ceramic mug with coffee

Powerful-Humor-7474 said:
Black licorice.

Cradled_In_Space replied:
You and my mom would get along. She even gets this kind from Germany that is diamond shaped, hard, and super potent. I can stand it, but I don’t love it.

WoorkAtHome replied:
That’s how we find traitors/spies in Sweden and Finland. If they don’t like licorice they are obviously not Swedish or Finnish.


person showing meat with sauce in plate
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Obamas_Tie said:

takichandler replied:
I used to eat it with mustard… just a plate full of mustardy sauerkraut. Also, there is a chocolate cake recipe that has sauerkraut that is delicious and no one believes it’s possible 😹 I’ve made it and it is so good.


black car on gray concrete road

NotFourrestGump said:
Using my blinker.

andrewdok replied:
And not like when you’re already halfway through the turn.

UmbertoEcoTheDolphin replied:
Me: “Wow, you blinked 1 1/2 times when you were already 95% in the turn lane. Who saw that coming?”


DemonChild_56 said:
Seaweed as a snack

[deleted] replied:
YES. YES! Thank you. Everyone thought my oldest daughter was crazy in grade school because she LOVES seaweed. I would have to pack her those little packets of it every day as a snack.


person using MacBook Pro

Writing essays. I got addicted to research when I was in college and something about putting everything together to present a coherent argument is just exciting for me.


A group of friends at a coffee shop

krasavetsa said:
People that talk a lot so I don’t need to. I like listening to them and I find their energy refreshing.

earthlover6312 replied:
It sometimes gets tiring but I absolutely love this about my husband. He can talk about pretty much anything forever. He also remembers to ask questions when I just want nothing to do with it.

Snapsforme replied:
This is the opposite of my husband who sometimes forgets he isn’t answering me in his head so I’ll just loudly do his part too for him but add a little flourish like “YES Wife, I absolutely do agree with that incredible point you just made and I wanted to remind you that you’re beautiful” and then I’ll just reply back like “Oh, thank you so much Husband, you’re too kind. And the way you never fail to answer me makes me feel ever so important!” And then he’s like damn I was doing it again and then he tells me what he thought with like 3 words.


yellow lemon fruits on white surface
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[deleted] said:
Drinking lemon juice. It’s sour and I love it.

I_Taste_Like_Spiders replied:
It’s weird…I’m not sure I like it…but I want it. I’m like a flavor masochist. Something about the experience does it for me and I can’t quite put a finer point on it than that…

LeGuruKID replied:
Flavor masochist is not a term I thought I would ever hear but I’m kinda into it. It just rolls of the tongue.


man in black jacket standing beside white van during daytime

abigailgwhitney said:
Everything about the airport. Idk why but it’s so fascinating. Honestly, I like it more than the trip sometimes lol.

This is me. I never understood all the jokes about hating the airport. I just thought maybe it was because I don’t fly enough.

M4nusky replied:
I’ve seen a lot of travelers that are quite stressed out before and/or tired after a trip. Very short fuses and clearly not chilling even if there’s nothing to do between security and their flight.

No one post rants and memes on every social media they can get their hand on about how they enjoy being at an airport. It’s the bias in favor of delays, cancellations, missed connections and other negative outcomes I guess.

Most travelers have nothing to say about their airport experience other than the day drinking and people-watching. Last flight I really enjoyed the wooden rocking chairs in front of the big window facing the runway. Not the kind of thing that gets a lot of traction on social media…


assorted-color candy pack lot

mermaid_with_pants said:
Apparently, a lot of people don’t like the lemon/yellow starburst candy, and that’s the one I prefer.

Tdawwg78 replied:
Lemon and orange candies and popsicles are underrated… everybody goes for the cherry and strawberry I find those meh.

themamacurd619 replied:
For 34 of my 39 years, I’ve been throwing away yellow Starbursts because I thought they were bananas! I was appalled at myself when I learned they’re lemon.