Women Are Sharing Their Strangest “I’m About To Start My Period” Symptoms (28 Posts)

There’s nothing better than being a strong, independent, emotionally volatile, blindingly crampy, lining-sheddin’ woman about once every 20-somethin’ days. Oh, we are so thankful for our “monthly blessing” amiright, ladies?

Obviously, this all too frequent, week-long (if you’re lucky) annoyance is less than ideal but women have been taking it in stride since the dawn of ovaries. Some women agree that the most annoying part of the whole ordeal is that time before the flood gates open and things just seem… a bit off.

Every woman’s body telegraphs their upcoming ‘period of life’ in different ways.

Reddit user u/lilb5269 wanted to know what weird way other ladies’ bodies were warning them “IT’S GO TIME” when asking:

“What is your strangest “I’m about to start my period” symptom?”

Here are 23 of the strangest pre-period symptoms, according to the people of Reddit.


“Yesterday I cried from 9am to like 5pm because of the inauguration. Every time I saw a photo of one of the Bidens or Kamala I’d start to sob like a baby. I’m not even american. So yeah, that.” –msstark


“Unshakeable depressive thoughts, seemingly brought on by nothing in particular, and from which I cannot distract myself.” –Icy_Finish


“When I’m about 2 days out from the start of my period I become an infinite void of hunger. I don’t even care what I eat, just so long as I get to eat a lot of it. Just jam it in my maw! And that kinda sucks because I’m trying really hard to lose weight now, so when my body starts screeching MOAR!!! I just have to deal with it and try not to soothe the blackhole that has become my stomach.” –KnittinAndBitchin


“I become super clumsy and drop everything the day before.” –femm_queen


“I get emotional and hugely horny. But the horny part is a new one, it used to be lower back + belly + butthole pain. Not gonna complain for that one. Also I crave everything that would trigger more pain when they come. Bloated also, fart bombs on the way. Lovely stuff isn’t it?!” –DominoNoiram


“The most painful boobs ever. Like put a shirt on, ow. Do a jumping jack, ow. Accidentally bump them, owwwww. Literally the worst.” –lukewarmhotpocket66


“The day before the period shits start ugh but I know the exact moment blood hits my pantyliner as I get that That’s So Raven premonition look it’s fucking wild and has saved me from embarrassing myself since my period starts super heavy.”- dazedmazed


“The period poops are my dead giveaway. Also, a few days leading up to the uterus purge I want next level comfort food. Im talking potatoes with copious amounts of gravy.” –Penetrative


“10 days before I become a super angry person who I cannot tolerate. Always happens.” –Ozzyta


“I get a sore throat, like I’m about to get a cold.” –celestialism