Man Proposes With Fake Diamond Ring, Gets Revenge When Ex-Fiancée Tries To Pawn It

Stories about engagement ring debacles aren’t uncommon on Reddit. It always seems like someone is too greedy or got the wrong ring or got someone else’s ring or something like that. Well, this story starts with an engagement ring debacle and ends with revenge.

The person telling the story on Reddit’s revenge forum is the cousin of a guy named Dave. Dave (34) had been dating “a Karen” for about four years when he proposed to her.

“Now, Karen was a bit of a gold digger and a very entitled person. She was a bit of white trailer trash but fancied herself a rich lady. She was VERY vocal to all the other women in the family about how she wanted a ‘traditional’ diamond ring and how she’d like Dave to follow the ‘tradition’ of getting her an engagement ring worth 3 month’s salary,” the OP writes.

Dave isn’t rich, but he does have a stable factory job. His three-month salary would be between $3000 and $6000 depending on overtime—and he did not want to spend the money on a ring because of the “global situation and the fact that he could be laid off at any time.” So he looked into alternatives and found white sapphires.

“For those of you who don’t know, white sapphires are a fantastic alternative to diamonds. They can be grown so they’re not gotten with slave labor, aren’t artificially inflated in price, and to someone who isn’t a jeweler they look exactly like any diamond. So, Dave was able to buy the size stone that Karen wanted with a fancy setting, gold band, the works for a fraction of the cost if it had been a diamond,” says the OP.

Dave proposed, told Karen it was a diamond, and that he’d saved up for the ring for a year. Not super cool to lie, but the OP explained it was “probably his way of getting revenge for her being such a Karen.”

Wedding planning commenced, and Karen apparently exercised entitlement over the whole thing despite the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic was raging. Karen and Dave had a fight over the guest list, and Karen ended up sending out invitations without Dave’s knowledge—to only her side of the family. This prompted Dave to call off the wedding and the relationship.

Karen kept the ring, which Dave didn’t really care about. Karen tried to pawn the ring, convinced it was a diamond and that she would get a few thousand for it.

“The pawn shop offered her a couple hundred because it was a sapphire and the owner actually liked it. She called Dave several times and sent a billion texts (he never answered or picked up) DEMANDING that he pay her in cash what the ring was worth, threatening to sue for the lie he told her, etc. He and I had a good laugh listening to her tantrum,” says the OP.

Bored Panda reached out to the OP to see if any new developments had occurred.

“Unfortunately, there have not been any updates. Dave has since moved states to another location for his job and we keep in touch. Karen isn’t in my circle outside of Dave, so I have no idea what’s going on with her. But this is a small town, and a few of our friends follow me and saw the story,” the OP explained.

“She’s now known for being the gold digger she is, and someone told me after the wedding was canceled that she played the victim on Facebook for a while, but nothing ever came of it. Dave did get spooked when she threatened to sue him, because she has taken people to small claim’s court before. However when he spoke to a lawyer, the lawyer said she didn’t have a leg to stand on and not to worry. She never sued, and that was last year so I don’t think she will.”

On his dishonesty and Karen’s portrayal in the original story:

“Dave wanted to say that he saw that he got a lot of flack for not being honest with his fiancé at the time, and did admit that seeing things from an outside perspective made him realize ‘that was kind of a d**k move on my part,'” said Rose. “He said that he wanted to stress the importance of honesty in a relationship, and says he’s going to work on that for himself. He admitted that the relationship likely wouldn’t have worked out in the long run anyway, though always insists Karen is a better person than we have seen and than I have portrayed here.”

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