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19 Job Postings That Are Just Littered With Red Flags

There are a lot of job openings out there but people aren’t filling them for a variety of reasons. People across the country are demanding better pay, benefits, hours, and treatment and if you’re wondering why, just take a look at these ridiculous job postings.

For some reason, business owners and bosses still seem to think people are clamoring to work insane hours for little pay—or in some cases no pay at all. It’s criminal. Just take a look for yourself.

1. “Unpaid for 3 months”

2. Just need a James Bond-type to work for free

3. A feverish pace?


4. Over 10 hours a day at $8.50/hour…

…and you get to do everything from social media managing to package delivery to washing the floors!

5. One weird trick to getting free labor—call it a “contest”!

6. Hmm this seems like a scam…

Yep, definitely a scam!

7. If “TGIF is your M.O.” do not apply!

8. “Losers and whiners need not apply”

9. This whole thing is a red flag

10. This feels illegal too

11. “I don’t need you”

12. “Sounds awful”

13. Explain your tardiness!

14. “Live the ‘ramen + instant coffee lifestyle for a bit before we raise venture capital”

15. Hard pass!

16. $8.50 an hour to maintain food safety, would not eat there

17. $60 a month! That’s $2 a day! 25 cents an hour! And the recruiter still has an attitude!

18. NOPE.

19. “Unless friendships are maid” LOL