rude customer, retail horror story

Retail Worker Claps Back At Entitled “Shopzilla” By Offering Her A Senior’s Discount

Working in customer service means dealing with rude customers’ many foibles and complaints but shouldn’t entail dealing with walking human nightmares. Sadly, it very much does entail that.

In life, you either follow the Golden Rule or you brace yourself for Hammurabi’s Code: An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, or a diss for a diss…which brings us to our subject.

A story posted recently in the highly specific subreddit “Malicious Compliance” told the tale of a customer who got her rudeness flung right back at her. Reddit user Amaranthinenightmare wrote a post titled “When retail customers feel entitled to extra discounts for no reason… so you give it to ’em.” in which she detailed the saga.

OP begins by setting the scene: A large department store and an attendant with no f*cks left to give.

Enter: The villain of the piece.

If you insist on multi-tasking try to make “being a decent human being” one of your tasks.

So far our brave retail worker is remaining polite under duress/useless coupons, but will her patience be tested?


The customer decided to chew out the retail worker for her own inability to read her coupons… That’s when our hero decided to drop the hammer.

rude customer, retail horror story

OUCH. Forty is a long way from senior status but as the beginning of middle age it can be a sensitive point in time for some people. Needless to say “Shopzilla” did not take the insinuation very well.

rude customer, retail horror story

OP got in a bit of trouble for exacting her age-related revenge, but since she had already given her two weeks notice it didn’t really matter. Plus the woman’s reaction was clearly worth it as the poser closes by saying that she “will take that petty moment of satisfaction at her horrified expression to my grave.”

Listen, in this life, sometimes petty moments of satisfaction are all we have.


For their part, the posters of Reddit who have worked, or currently work, in retail were in total sympathy. They quickly guessed the department store in question (it was Kohl’s), shared some of their own stories, and may have even identified the culprit.

rude customer, retail horror story

Be nice to retail workers. 

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