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Stay At Home Dad Humiliates His Brother So Bad That He Refuses To Talk To Him

In today’s society, it’s perfectly normal for fathers to stay at home with their children while their wives bring home the bacon. Equal rights go both ways, and if the woman of the relationship is making enough income to support the family comfortably, where’s the harm in Dad staying home and hanging with his kids? Well apparently to some, this notion is ’embarrassing’ and unacceptable. Men of the world: if you find yourself feeling inadequate about being a stay at home dad (SAHD), ask yourself this: what’s so wrong with staying home all day with small, adorable people who love you more than anyone else in the world?

His brother teased the wrong man and was put on blast in front of the entire family- “he refuses to attend Sunday dinner if I’m there unless I apologize.” OP writes.

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A recent post to the “Am I The A-hole?” community from Redditor u/just_a_rando54 talked about a SAHD who seemed to be getting quite a bit of criticism from his older brother. When his judgmental sibling went so far as to “insult” him by comparing him to a term from the LGBTQ+ community, our original poster (OP) had a pretty solid comeback. See the full story in context below, along with some top comments on the post and get ready to read a pretty legendary roast.

OP asked: “AITA for embarrassing my brother infront of the whole family?”

I (36M) am married to a wonderful woman (34). When we first got married 8 years ago, I was making about $36k and she was making $230k.

Fast forward a year and we welcome a sweet baby girl. After her maternity leave was up, I took my vacation to stay with my baby. Well I found out that being a dad and taking care of the house is 1000 times better than working in a stressful office. We discussed it, and I became a full time SAHD.

I like being a SAHD. I even enjoy keeping the house clean, cooking, taking care of the kids (7F, 4M and 1M), being involved in the mom groups, little league…etc.

The only person who seems to have a problem with things is my older brother (44M). I don’t know how, but despite being raised by parents who are very much champions of equal rights, he grew up to be the embodiment of “man provides and guides, woman makes home and follows”. Which is why he is a 2 time divorcee who has terrible relationships with his kids.

For the past 7 years he has been making jokes about me, trying to imply that I am less of a man because my wife earns money while “I play little wife”. I ignore him if I’m in the mood to, or just shake my head at him.

Well my wife and I were drunk one time and we came up with a bit of a naughty solution. He gives major vibes of being a prude (and is casually homophobic TBH). So when he made a joke last Sunday along the lines that “if you were married to a man, you would 100% be the bottom” I hit him with “funny you say that, I am a bottom. ‘Wife’ really knows gow to use a dildo and harness to make a man see the stars”.

He turned so red, everyone kind of let out a shocked laugh and he finally shut up. After a while he said that he did not want to hear about what I do with my wife in our bedroom. I said if he keeps his comments to himself, I would have no reason to share.

But today mom called me to say that he refuses to attend Sunday dinner if I am there unless I apologize. I refused to and mom is now the one feeling bad. So AITA?


And that is why we stay out of other people’s business, especially when they’re minding theirs! Commentors had high praise for our OP and rightfully tagged him as “Not the A-hole.”


Bra Fucking. vo

Well done sir well done


One of my favorite things I ever read on Reddit was “the manliest thing a man can do is whatever the fuck he wants.”


Your brother has a insecurity-fueled need to control and be the “alpha” in this situation. Apologize now and you’ll never hear the end of it. Let him stew and sulk like a little baby. And try to explain to your mom this is about you standing up for you, your wife and your family, which is far more important than your brother’s monstrous ego.

Sounds like dinner will be more relaxing in the long run. NTA, and best of luck



1, you are the manliest man

2, you are kind of my hero

3, you and your wife sound like keepers.