25 Instances Of A “Stupid Tax” Paid By People Who Didn’t Think Wisely Before Paying

Nothing in life is certain except death and taxes. Taxes almost hurt worse sometimes, but without them, who knows what type of world we’d be living in without taxes? It’s nice to have paved roads and people to pick up trash or mow the grass in our parks.

Those types of things are all practical uses for tax money. There’s also something called a stupid tax, where people have to pay more due to their own idiocy.

Here are 25 of the funniest “stupid taxes” people had to pay:

1. “The Ultimate Stupid Tax”

2. “Had To Blink Twice At This One”

3. “Sugar tax”

4. “If You Look At The Photo You Can See The Pillow Is Just Rotated… Literally The Same Folds In It”

5. “Had I Not Paid Attention I’d Have Been The Fool, Not Whoever Tagged These”

6. “Bad Sale Is Bad”

7. “What A Bargain. I’ll Take Two”

8. “Et Tu, Pokémon Go?”

9. “Which One Will I Choose?”

10. “Walmart Math Is Hard. Also That Was The Last Of The Single Boxes Too”

11. “Lemon Squeezer vs. Same-Size Lime Squeezer”

12. “Profit”

13. “So I Found This Today, And It’s 4x The Regular Price Of Water! Scam :-/”

14. “A Year Or Lifetime? Hmmm”

15. “Little Bargain I Spotted In Asda”

16. “When Buying The Book Is Cheaper”

17. “Used The $2 Milkshake Coupon At Mcdonald’s. Fried Onions And Tomato Slices Were Listed As Available Options”

18. “$3 More For 1/4 Of The Value!!”

19. “Same Items Inside… Hers Costs 30% More”

20. “You Sob …. I’m In”

21. “I Almost Got Taxed Today”

22. “Had A Really Hard Time Deciding Which Shipping Option To Choose”

23. “Genius”

24. “The Savings Are Through The Floor With This One!”

25. “My School’s Cookie Sale”