PSA: Never Ghost A Woman With A Spice Girls Shrine

If anyone needs a reason not to ghost someone, this Redditor has it. In the subreddit r/TIFU, we learned what happened when this person ghosted their date.

The Redditor wanted to know if it was OK to ghost a date and explained their situation in a post.

“I had a second date with a woman who is a few years older than me and went over to her house for dinner a week ago. She gave off some intense vibes when we met in person at my flat the first date, but, lockdown being lockdown, I was willing to give it a second shot.”

The author noted there was one little red flag when his date gave him a tour of her house: a whole room dedicated to the Spice Girls.

“Upon arriving to her house, we had drinks. Then, she gave me a house tour. All is normal. However, the final room to be shown was a shrine for the spice girls. It was impressive how dedicated it was, and, at the same time, terrifying. The shrine was the second largest room in the house. When you walked into the shrine, you were greeted with a musky scent reminiscent of an antique store. Chumlee wouldn’t have had to call in an expert for appraisal because this girl was the expert. Every relic was, without a doubt, authentic. This room was littered with mannequins dressed in apparel from various concerts from their rise to fame. Items ranging from a scarf that Mel B had worn to an exclusive event to a pair of socks that Geri threw into a crowd. None of it washed in over a decade to preserve the authenticity of these sacred relics. By this point, I was 4 Negronis in and absolutely bottled. I decided to stay for dinner.”


OK, sounds good, let’s give her a chance and see how dinner goes.

“This proved to be the right move, so it seemed. She cooked an incredible meal starting with scallops on a half shell concluding with steak cooked medium raw. At the end of the night, we hooked up. However, it’s a tinder date, and the second date no less, where I was inundated with the spice, and frankly, I was lucky to make it home the next day. I was not interested in ever seeing this person again.”

OP still had reservations, so they went to the r/Tinder subreddit to see if it is OK to ghost someone.

The majority of Redditors said to just message her, but OP didn’t take their advice. Bad choice.

“2 days ago, someone rang my doorbell 6 times. I was in the middle of a ranked APEX Legends match, top 3 no less, so the visitor can wait. Once I found a spot for safety, I looked through the camera, and it appeared to be a delivery driver, or someone I didn’t recognize, and I didn’t buzz them in. A neighbor graciously let him up. A man then knocks on my door. I open it, and expected a mailman or delivery driver to greet me with a kind smile and a parcel. Instead, I’m greeted by a deranged lunatic.”

Who could it be? Let’s find out.

“‘Do you know who the f**k I am? You can’t treat my daughter like this. I came here to stab you. You need to contact my daughter, or I will come back and stab you multiple times. I will wait outside your flat and stab you to death. When you are least expecting it, I will be waiting for you’. I had my hand on the 9 iron by the door, but somehow managed to deescalate the situation knowing full well this was the quickest way back to the APEX match without her dad pulling a bloodhound finishing move on my ass.”


“I returned to the APEX match, with two furious squad mates, and broke down what the hell just happened. I called the cops, and they open an investigation into it collecting all kinds of information. They tell me to notify this girl that I have contacted the police to dissuade her dad from coming back. Yesterday, officers came to my place for questioning. They pulled CCTV footage of this guy coming in and audio from my bell outside my door. My neighbor is acting as a witness because she heard the whole situation. He may be getting charged for trespassing and intent to harm. This girl then messaged me something incredibly foul yesterday. I have half a mind to respond ‘the sex wasn’t even that good’.. but again, I’d prefer not to be stabbed. Please be safe out there. Some crazy fuckers on these apps. Have deleted them all and taking a long hiatus.”

For those who didn’t want to read through the text, the author provided an astute wrap-up:

TL;DR: Ghosted a girl from Tinder after 2 dates. She gave her dad my address. He came over to my flat on Sunday and threatened to turn me into a ghost. I contacted the police, and he will likely be charged

TL;DR of TL;DR: Don’t ghost people

You can read the entire post here.

Lead image: PixaHive