Guy Left His Date Alone With His Roommate, Comes Back To Find Her In His Arms

Picking a roommate is a gamble. If it’s not someone you know and trust already, then you just don’t know what type of person you’re living with.

One Redditor found out the hard way after he brought a girl home from the bar. When they got to his place, his roommate was there alone.

Before he even had a chance to sit down with her, he excused himself to use the bathroom but was gone for way too long. Let’s just say, when nature calls, you have to answer. 

When he came back out he found the girl asleep in his roommate’s arms on the couch. 

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He explains how it all played out in this viral Reddit r/TIFU post.

“TIFU after leaving my date alone with my roommate”


Redditors had some thoughts on the situation. Questioning why he’d even leave to take a shower in the first place, and just plain poking fun at him.

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