20 Toxic Teachers Who Should Probably Find A New Line Of Work

I work as a private tutor and I can definitely say that I’ve bumped into some truly atrocious teachers over the tears. There are the ones who watch students struggling and sliding and do absolutely nothing to help. There are the teachers who tell parents that getting extra help for a kid who isn’t grasping concepts is “wasteful” (thanks, teach). There are teachers who simply don’t encourage creative, engaged thought, and man, NONE of the teachers I’ve encountered match up to the people on this list.

Why are you guys even in this profession?!

1. What the actual F?


2. Oh dear.


3. WTF is “opposition” to the Holocaust?


4. This poor kid

5. I legit wanted to punch my screen


6. Teacher won’t let kids use Wikipedia, but…

7. TBH I do understand getting frustrated with kids. Kids are tough.


8. I would pull my kid so fast…

9. Weird rule


10. This poor baby.


11. Abuse. Plain and simple.

12. I kind of figure they didn’t know?

13. What assholes

14. Oh, come on, dude

15. Why does she hate this so much?

16. Hooookay

17. Burn her classroom down

18. Lil controversial…

19. Bye, Miss Tiffany.