Redditors Reveal How Far They’ve Gone During A Game Of Truth Or Dare (19 Posts)

Remember Truth or Dare? You usually played it somewhere between Spin the Bottle and 7 Minutes in the Closet. It’s a game that has a bit more staying power than the latter two—and the older you get, the truths get more interesting and the dares more extreme. I would always pick “truth,” but lots of folks prefer “dare”—and there are some really intense dares people follow through with. On Reddit, people are confessing their most outrageous dares—from the naked to the violent. Maybe you’ll get some ideas for your own version of Truth or Dare. 


“Once when I was 18 at a house party, I was dared to ask the neighbors if I could take a bath. They let me. I had a bath and left gratefully. They were nice people. I brought my own towel from the house the party was taking place in so I didn’t contribute to their laundry. I was still wet when I left.” — Pxander


“This is probably when I was like 12. I got dared to pee behind a bush. As revenge I dared that person to walk behind the bush barefoot.”  — CaptainSquab


“Streaked down a very long driveway and back. Thinking back on it, I have no idea what I would have done if someone had caught me. I was like 15…” — Snuffleupagus03


“I mean, I’ve done weird shit but the most memorable was giving my (male) friend a full body wax. We had an agreement that if he wanted to forfeit he could, but he didn’t. He yelled SO much, it was crazy. We’re still good friends, and he brings it up fairly often.” — Decade_Of_Love


“It was a sleepover with 2 boys and 3 girls at this girl’s house. I was one of the lucky guys. We we’re playing truth or dare and our clothes were coming off piece by piece. I got dared to wear a leapord bra from the girl of the houses dresser. Right as I put it on and start dancing around like a silly idiot her mom walks in and I get sent home.” — Ben1373


“I gave a guy a pair of my panties in high school. He dared me to just take off my underwear. Since that could mean two things, I figured I’d take off my bra under my shirt and give it to him. However then the thought crossed my mind that taking off my panties would be way more risqué, and I was definitely in the mood to make some jaws drop. I was wearing a dress so I just stood up and pulled them down. He seemed surprised so I handed them to him, told him that he could keep it as a reminder of the only time a girl would do that for him. Got a decent laugh out of the group with that one.” — switchvp


“Got a buzz cut. I had beautiful blond curls down to the small of my back. My mom cried for a week. My dad made me a wig out of gold curly q ribbon and wood shavings.” — CHICOHIO


“As a little kid we were staying at my grandmas I was dared to dance naked on the windowsill (blinds open) while singing and shouting about being naked. I feel sorry for any neighbours that saw the crazy little girl rubbing her bum on the window singing ‘hey I’m naked very naked.'” — follower888


“I was dared to hit my friend in the face with a full King James Bible. I did not hold back. His soul is still with us though. I didn’t hit hard enough.” — GambitsReturn


“Licked whipped cream off a cute boy’s ear. Ended up marrying that cute boy.” — RaeVince