Husband Throws Fit After Wife Leaves Him With Their Kids For The Weekend, She Comes Home To His Bags Packed

Good dads are in short supply. That may seem like a sexist statement, but ask around. How many people do you know that have a great dad. It ain’t a lot.

Even if dad’s don’t abandon their family, sticking around isn’t always great either. That seems to be the case with this deadbeat dad.

Redditor u/Chemical-Mess-7883 came to the platform to ask advice of her fellow Redditors. She broke down her story and asked a very simple question:

“AITA for leaving my husband alone with the kids for 2 days?”

The comments were overwhelmingly in her favor.

Lots of advice from people who would never put up with this.

Do you think the husband overreacted, or was the wife in the wrong? Kinda seems like this couple shouldn’t “stay together for the kids.” Marriage counseling might fall a little short here. Let’s us know your opinion in the comments.