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Woman Wonders If She’s In The Wrong For Not Letting Her Mother-In-Law Nap In Her Bed

One’s bed is a sacred place. I personally am very picky about who I allow to sleep in my bed, whether I’m there or not. If I had been working on my feet all day since six in the morning, I’m exhausted and get home ready to lay down, and my mother-in-law is asleep in my bed, I would be livid.

For one Redditor, this is exactly what happened. Our original poster (OP), u/throwra4t33 asked the Reddit community if she was wrong for being upset that her husband’s mother had taken a liking to her and her husband’s bed. The couple had re-designed and provided an entire room of the house in a last minute decision to allow his mother to move in with them. When she dozed off in the wrong bed one day, this monster-in-law decided that it was her new favorite spot.

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OP asks: “AITA for refusing to let my husband’s mom nap in my room?”

My husband’s mom moved in with us a week ago. The minute we were informed she was going to move in (temporarily til her house gets renovated) we emptied a room specifically for her – it has everything. A bed with a frame, curtains, mounted TV, wardrobe etc. She was thrilled with it and loved it a lot.

One day I came home and found her in my bedroom sleeping in mine and my husband’s bed. I was confused but she told me she took a nap on the bed and lost track of time. Since then she started talking about how she loved the nap there and started hinting wanting to take naps in the bedroom from now on.

It’s truly funny how this mother-in-law seemed to be so bored and unsatisfied with her new room that she made it a point to comment on how lovely her daughter-in-law’s bed was. Our OP was probably thinking “Yes, it is comfortable! Now get out and let me sleep in it!”

I kept ignoring her comments til my husband sat me down and told me that his mom really liked and “got used” to napping in our bedroom and we should just let her have her daily afternoon nap in the room. I said “absolutely not” and we started debating. I told him his mom is being ridiculous because she has a whole room upstairs where she should nap. He got upset and said that I was making his mom feel uncomfortable and unwelcome with this attitude. I said NO and refused to negotiate. He called me selfish and mean for saying no and preventing his mom from feeling comfortable at “his house” but I reminded him that I pay full mortgage for the house while he blows money over gadgets and consoles. He accused me of bringing old disagreements in this current conflict to use against him. I said no again and that he should stop pushing because I need the room for when I get home feeling exhausted from working on my feet from 6am.

For someone who doesn’t pay the mortgage, OP’s husband sure had a lot to say about the situation. A “Momma’s boy” is no joke, especially when you’re married to one, and to make it worse, the mother actually lives with you!

She ends her story with a stressful update on the situation:

He’s refusing to speak to me til I agree and let his mom have her nap in there. AITA for choosing this hill to die on as he says? Am I being difficult?.

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