Woman’s Baffling Breakup Text Goes Viral On TikTok

We get it, breakups are hard. Whether you’re the person doing the breaking up or the person on the receiving end, all of it is an uncomfortable mess.

However, there are ways to break up with a person that mitigate some of that awkwardness. For example, being straightforward, not using it as an opportunity to put the other person down, etc.

This person probably thought they were mitigating a mess when they sent this breakup text. The truth is this breakup text is the mess.

TikTok user Michelle Boller recently went viral on the app for sharing a breakup text she received.


The person, whose gender is not revealed, starts by telling Boller they fell in love with her. Straight to the point. So far, so good. They then goes on to compliment Boller. and we mean COM*PLI*MENT. This is some rom-com stuff we’re seeing.

They even reference her Starbucks and Chipotle order. Dang.

But then.

The compliments start and the person gets to what they really want to say: they don’t want to date Boller. Specifically, because “you’re not my type.”

People on TikTok had to do a double take when reading the text.

And many realized they were not alone. This kind of breakup text is common.

Obviously, Boller acted as one should when they receive these messages. She blocked the loser.

Watch the video here:


very confused at the moment

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