Woman Discovers Cheating Boyfriend’s Texts And Publicly Shames Him On TikTok

Finding out your significant other is cheating is never fun, but publicly shaming them is often the best revenge.

TikTok user Maddison discovered her cheating boyfriend’s texts, so she shared them with the world. 

In a video, Maddison showed the various texts and Snapchat messages her boyfriend shared with another woman. Apparently, her boyfriend had been cheating on her for half their relationship. 

The messages showed the boyfriend putting Maddison down, as well as requesting private photos from the other woman.

In the post, Maddison wrote she had no idea what was to come. 

More screenshots reveal Maddison’s (now ex) boyfriend was planning to break up with her.

He also admitted to having some “spidey senses” that Maddison was snooping in his phone, so he took a precaution and cleared out all images and messages from the other woman. He also unadded the other woman as to not look suspicious. 

Maddison confronted the other woman, asking her for the truth and she reveals exactly what went down and how the boyfriend behaved with her. 

It wasn’t just the screenshots that revealed her boyfriend’s infidelity. Maddison was given a heads up by someone else. She had enough proof lined up where her boyfriend had to admit the truth: he was cheating. 

The good news is Maddison doesn’t have to deal with this mess of a man anymore. Best of luck to this queen.

Lead image: Unsplash/TikTok

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