Women Share Jokes And Vent About How Cringe Dating Can Be In This Online Group (40 Pics)

You have ’em. I have ’em (BOY DO I HAVE ‘EM): it’s cringeworthy dating tales! One of my faves was when a guy, who looked about 10 years and 25 pounds more than his photos, *immediately* told me about a date he had where the girl immediately shut down and GOSH I WONDER THE F WHY.

Ahem. So here are other stories collected from r/FemaleDatingStrategy, a sub I did not know about until just now and *man* am I checking it out.

1. A little dating satire based off the platforms

u/Feminineprincess / Reddit

2. Respect

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3. He absolutely despises her.


4. Instagram gem


5. Laffy Taffy

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6. “Pointing out toxic behavior is toxic 🤡”


7. Suuuuure he does

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8. Indistinguishable

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9. Imagine

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10. Background Check

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11. Uninterrupted

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12. Probably Not

A Former Redditor / Reddit

13. Good Luck

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14. Serious Question

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15. Outsourcing

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16. Love seeing women not falling for manipulation tactics.


17. Facts. Straight up facts.


18. Self-own


19. Being a people pleaser is a major tenant of being a pickme. Men will only love the 50/50, sex supply, and maid service, not you as a person.


20. Your time is precious.


21. Anxiety Disorder


22. Can’t Wait to See Him

 lonechronicler / Reddit

23. Just Some Guy

SleepyAqua / Reddit

24. Imagine

mycatpukesglitter / Reddit

25. Indistinguishable

elementalvirago / Reddit

26. Did I date this guy?


27. Hobbies & TV Shows

Exsqueeze_meh / Reddit

28. Be Smarter

Brown_chick45 / Reddit

29. Put a Lid On It

What_u_callme / Reddit
Booty_Hair / Reddit

31. Security in Bars


32. Excited

sassyheather / Reddit

33. Show a Pic

Myplummms / Reddit

34. New Safety Line

 o-no9 / Reddit

35. Parents vs You

PBJellyNutella / Reddit

36. Get Ready

daggerite / Reddit

37. End of Convo

 supremelyparanoid / Reddit

38. Love Expert

cinderella_rising / Reddit

39. Move Along

GreenApplesJuice / Reddit

40. Angel Shot

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