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Cardboard Cutout Of Actor Danny DeVito Is The Subject Of A Viral Reddit Breakup Thread

Danny Devito, 77, is a legend. There is no disputing that. With a career that has spanned over decades, he has earned accolades on the big screen and for being involved with the longest-running television series in history.

There’s simply no one else in Hollywood quite like Danny Devito, however one fan’s level of devotion may have gone too far.

Redditor u/throwaway567934346yy posted to the thread Am I The A**hole about the major influence Devito has over her boyfriend, and how it negatively has affected their relationship and devastated his career.

OP shared that she is seriously considering leaving her boyfriend. The original post has since been deleted by Reddit moderators, but don’t worry, we got screenshots. Thanks, Twitter.

OP explains that her boyfriend of six years has always been a major fan of the acclaimed actor. He even had a cardboard cut out of Devito years before they started dating.

“It’s never ever bothered me until he went homeworking because of covid and honestly it didn’t even bothered me[,] it bothered one of of his colleagues.”

The OP continued to explain how the lifesized cardboard Devito has gotten on his employer’s nerves. A place where he has been employed for 12 years, allegedly.

“Due to him now homeworking he has been doing a lot more video calls and his bosses boss (J) really does not like the Danny Devito cardboard cutout. He asked him to remove it during a meeting so he did and the meeting carried on… The week after that in another meeting it was back in its usual spot, after the meeting J asked my husband to hang on and blew up at him over the cardboard cutout being back.”

OP shared that her boyfriend had “snapped” and insisted that a formal written request be procured for the removal of the decoration, claiming that management is, “unable to tell him how to decorate his house.”

After OP attempted to have a civil conversation about the Devito decor, the boyfriend turned up the antics and purchased more cardboard cutouts and an oil painting of Devito as well.

“[J] has pretty much said although he can’t fire him, his career here is dead, so he decided to finda new job without consulting me and will be ready to leave his job in January after serving his notice… I tried again to speak calmly with him and he just blew me off and said he isn’t staying somewhere who values the decoration of a room over the quality of his work.”

OP shared that they had had multiple conversations about the situation and now they have gone “days” without speaking to each other after an argument.

She feels she no longer understands her boyfriend and she is “genuinely thinking of leaving him.”

“I might be the arsehole because I should of maybe took his side but AITA?”

Naturally, Reddit had plenty of opinions to share.

Where do you stand on the issue?