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Woman Thrown Off Plane For Bashing Boyfriend With A Laptop After He ‘Looked At Other Women’

Usually the in-flight entertainment on a flight is something family-friendly that everyone can enjoy. Unfortunately, that was not the case on a recent American Airlines flight from Miami to Los Angeles.

One woman became so enraged at her boyfriend that she chased him down the aisle while hurling racial slurs and a laptop at him. It was way more dramatic than anything the airline could have shown on those little pop-down screens.

Footage of the explosive incident surfaced on Twitter on July 21.

Julia Scorupco uploaded a video of the fight to her Twitter and wrote “hot girl summer has been postponed until further notice.”

In the video, the woman can be heard screaming at her boyfriend, even using racial slurs against him. She shouts, “You want to try to f****** look at other women, n*****? Nah, f*** you!” and threatens him by saying, “I wear the f****** nuts, n*****. Watch ’til we f******* get home.”

Several flight attendants attempt to calm the woman down, but to no avail. Her boyfriend gets up to leave his seat, and the woman chases him.

The woman throws a laptop at the man, and other passengers can be heard gasping and screaming.

Scorupco also uploaded the video to YouTube, where she wrote that a flight attendant and another passenger “ended up in the crossfire” of the laptop. Luckily, they weren’t seriously hurt, but the flight was delayed two hours because of the attack. Scorupco wrote:

Everyone on the flight was a bit shaken, but we were grateful that it happened before takeoff as opposed to in the air. The airline handled the situation well and removed both passengers fairly quickly. Although us passengers would’ve appreciated free alcohol after witnessing a situation like that!  

The couple was removed from the flight and, according to Scorupco, a flight attendant said that the woman was arrested.

Another passenger captured the incident from a different angle:

Since the video was shared on July 21, it’s been viewed millions of times. People are finding the woman’s reactions to everyone in the video especially funny.

People are also shocked by her use of racial slurs.

But, it seems like the true stars of the video are the two men who are on screen for most of it.

Hopefully now that this incident is over, hot girl summer can resume.