Yes, That Insane Viral Commercial With The Surprise-Brand Ending Is Very Real

There are times on the internet when something crosses our paths that is so inexplicable, so insane as to just defy explanation.

Other times there are things that simply must be fully experienced to be believed. This viral ad is both. It’s a two-minute cinematic journey and the ending will most definitely make you say “WHAT!?”

A curious video started circulating on Twitter today—a VERY EXTRA advertisement with an ending no one wanted to spoil but everyone wanted to comment on. Here are just a few of the reactions/reviews to whet your appetite:




The ad begins with a woman giving birth in her own bathtub (for some reason). Until the end there’s no narration, only a melodramatic orchestral track.

We then follow this bathtub baby boy’s life as he grows up…

Learns to pee (???)…

Learns to shave…

Falls in love…

Becomes an angsty rebellious teen…

Travels the world…

And finally reunites with his parents.

I also do not want to spoil the ending for you, so here’s the video in its entirety:

In case you’re listening without audio, the soft female narrator at the end says, “Every day, life asks you the same question—what are you gonna try today?”

WTF, right?? Surely you have some questions! Ryan Simmons, who posted the original tweet, followed up with a helpful FAQ:

But I still have a few more. First of all: WHY? Secondly, WHYYYYYYYYYYYY??? Thirdly—and this is a question I ask myself a lot—are we being trolled? Are we being duped by some Machiavellian advertising executives into promoting this schmaltzy abomination of a commercial? The ad execs are no doubt watching this creep across the internet and rubbing their hands together in glee, gobsmacked responses be damned.

Subway released a statement in response to the, uh, response to their ad, but deleted it, so here’s a Tweet from their account that’s so lame you can imagine what their statement was:

2019 continues to be wild as hell.

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