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Years Later, These People Found Out Surprising Secrets About Their Significant Other

Sometimes, it can be nice to find out there’s something about your significant other that you never knew—as long as it’s not terrifying.

Never realized they feel strongly about which way the toilet paper roll goes? Quirky and cute. Didn’t know they murdered someone? Not cute.

On Reddit, people are sharing the things they found out about their partners years into the relationships.

Some are really sweet while others are straight-up horrendous.


“He told me upfront he had been in prison for attempted murder. His story: caught his ex-wife’s new boyfriend kicking her ass in front of their kids. He beat him up bad enough the guy got brain damage. Ended up with prison time. A year into the relationship he told me…..The Real Story: He broke into his ex-wife’s house, watched her and the new guy sleep for a while, and then stabbed the guy 7 times with a hunting knife. Guy is a vegetable now. We broke up shortly thereafter.” — MissSassifras1977


“He lied about his age. Not just 1 or 2 years but 9 years.” — toromeyl


“I’ve lived with my S.O. for 4 years now and I just learned last week that he PUSHES ON HIS COMPUTER SCREEN when showing me something on it. Like, the colors distort and everything. He did it again today. I almost lost it.” — International-Good55


“He was very anti-cheating. He cut off ties with friends who cheated on their girlfriends or wives. He went on rants about how he was just starting to like his cousin’s husband until he cheated. His mother cheated on his father which caused a divorce when he was 5. He saw it as the thing that broke apart his family, and swore to never cheat or forgive or tolerate cheating. Whatdoyaknow, he cheats on me. So much for all that talk.” — honestgoing


“We were dating for over a year at this point, and I knew my man was kinda nerdy for sure, but didn’t know the extent of it. We lived together even, and he was so afraid of me judging him for playing D&d he just stopped playing when we started dating and never talked about it. Finally, he did eventually bring up how he used to play weekly through his teenage years and I told him I’d like to join and wanted to support him. He was honestly taken aback, not expecting a kind response. I played for three years straight in his weekly campaign he ran, and he still plays weekly with another group of his friends and I help him flesh out his character designs and buy him the newest books whenever they come out. Nerdy is my type! I don’t know why he tried to hide it for over a year.” — LittleRedSongBird


Ten years into marriage, it somehow comes up that she LOVES stroganoff. Really? Me too. Somehow each of us had gotten the idea that the other one didn’t like it and it’s not like it’s the kind of thing that restaurants typically have so we hadn’t seen each other order it. So neither of us had ever made it. We still eat stroganoff and keep learning new, fun, things about each other. (I thought we could use a lighter one in this thread.)” — KetosisCat


“Her first kid was actually her second. Her real first kid she had with her cousin when she was 20.” — Bobik8


“Eats the toppings off the pizza first. All of them, cheese included, like some kind of psycho. Then the plain crust. An absolute monster. Still married her.” — teej12114


“Despite years of wearing hockey jerseys, talking about hockey, and watching Slapshot religiously…my SO just recently realised that I…like hockey.” — SucksToYourAssmar3


“He saves every greeting card he gets. Definitely made me less cavalier about recycling cards from him and his family.” — insertcaffeine