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Woman Gets Roasted For Requesting $2.47 In Gas Money For Driving A Guy Home

If you have a car, maybe you’ve noticed gas prices are kind of high.

Photo byYassine Khalfalli on Unsplash

As a result, a lot of people are carpooling or using ride shares. And if you carpool with someone, it’s probably a good idea to offer them some gas money. Maybe make them a coffee, too. It’s the little things!

However, most people aren’t going to calculate the exact amount of money owed to friends who are generous enough to give you a lift. They’re going to average it out. Maybe it depends on whether or not the journey is long and how often you ride with them.

Well, one TikToker by the user name @peterbriblypierdinock made a video roasting a “friend of a friend” for sending him a Venmo request for $2.47 for gas — and then blaming it on Joe Biden.

In the video, Peter shows a screenshot of a text message he received from a woman named Julia who he presumably rode home with.

The message says:

“heyyyy its julia what’s ur venmo?? i need to charge u like $2.47 for driving u home last night lmaoooo also what’s ur roommates venmo gas is so pricy hehe don’t blame me blame biden!!!!”

I mean, money is money and people need it. But it’s also not the best way to request reimbursement.

Folks who commented on the video were kind of shocked Julia was that petty about the gas money.

Was Julie in the right to ask for such a small amount or should she just have let it go?

Featured Image: TikTok