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“What’s The Weirdest Date You’ve Been On?” — A Viral Twitter Thread (31 Tweets)

It seems like no matter how many times people ask for weird dating stories, there are still more to share. Twitter user @postgrad_barty asked people for their “weirdest” dates, which gave the responses a slightly different flavor.

She also shared her own weirdest date story, which was pretty good, writing, “I’ll go first we were going to see a movie and didn’t buy tickets in advance and couldn’t get two tickets next to each other so we ended up sitting on opposite sides of the theater and then the movie ended and we were like cool ok bye.”

She had a follow up for people with questions, too:

ok for everyone replying 1. We were seeing incredibles 2 I wasn’t gonna leave and pass up my opportunity to see it 2. It was assigned seating and there were 2 seats left in the whole theater and no gaps between groups so people couldn’t move 3. No, I never saw this man again

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That’s how a lot of the stories are: they all demand follow up questions. Unfortunately, not everybody did clarify, so you’ll be left feeling as befuddled and creeped out by the world of dating as the people who actually went on these weird as hell dates. Enjoy!