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Woman Buys Girlfriend A Blender For Their Anniversary Instead Of ‘Something Romantic’ And Asks If She’s A Jerk

Choosing a gift for your signifiant other can be a daunting task. Sometimes you get it right and sometimes you get it way wrong. But hopefully you tried.

One Redditor, in deciding to ignore her girlfriend’s wishes for a more frivolous gift and instead buy her something practical, struck out big time.

But was she being genuinely ignorant about the choice of gift?

“Before I start I’d like to say that my gf and I are both women. We are lesbians. I say this to hopefully preempt the ‘typical man’ comments. This happened last month but my best friend and hers are still giving me sh*t about it.”

“We had our one year anniversary. I asked what she wanted and she told me just something romantic, a little necklace or something cute. While browsing around on Amazon I found an emulsion blender and it pinged in my head. My gf loves cooking and always talks about all the gadgets she wants. Plus she made homemade tomato sauce and I remember her complaining how hard it was to make the sauce smooth cause she didn’t have an emulsion blender. I’m a very practical gift giver, I like to give things people will use so I bought it and was super excited to give it to her,” the OP said.

“The day rolls around and she gives me a bottle of whiskey I’ve had my eye on for ages but could never justify the cost. I was so hyped and encouraged my gf to open hers. She opened it and her face kinda falls and she goes ‘oh…an emulsion blender…?’ And I told her I remembered her talking about all the kitchen gadgets she wanted and was so excited to give it to her. She kept her cool but told me while she appreciated the thought she was a little upset that it wasn’t jewelry. I was confused so she explained that she felt anniversary’s should be more about romantic/sentimental gifts versus practical, that she appreciated it greatly but couldn’t lie to me that she wished it had been the necklace she pointed out to me online (it was nothing fancy, a $30 mushroom necklace).”

“I shared my woes with my friend and my friend thought it was hilarious that I was so inept, and that he understood why my gf was upset with her gift. Gf’s best friend also got wind of the situation and has been ribbing me with telling my gf to get back to the kitchen jokes etc. My gf and I are fine but I know she was disappointed, and she ended up buying the necklace herself a week after I gave her the blender. So aita for giving my gf a practical gift versus the necklace she wanted?”

What do Redditors think?

“YTA. So I get you’re a lesbian but wow, this is like TV sitcom man action. You might as well have bought her a bowling ball with your name on it.”


“Why did you ask what she wanted if you were going completely ignore it and just buy what you wanted to? YTA.”


“‘I asked what she wanted and she told me something romantic, a little necklace or something cute.’ Do you honestly think a blender is romantic and cute? Seriously why did you ask if you were going to go in the complete opposite direction? Not sure on judgement yet. YTA I don’t think you were being deliberately mean spirited about this, however I understand why your gf’s face fell when she saw the blender.”


“YTA: Don’t ask someone what they want and then ignore it. You may be a practical gift giver but obviously GF is not, I think the fact that you completely disregarded her wishes is a bit troubling, but hopefully you do better next year.”


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