Women Are Revealing The Absolute Worst Lies Their Exes Have Ever Told Them

Getting screwed over by your ex can be a really rough time in anyone’s life. Breakups are hard enough as it is, but to break up because you find out the person you’re dating is a huge POS—that’s even harder. After the relationship is said and done and we find out the lies our exes have told us, it makes the breakup even worse. Recently, @SheRatesDogs shared a tweet saying she wanted women to share their “favorite/worst story of an ex lying to you” and she would retweet them and share them throughout her day.

She posted one of her “favorite lies from an ex” that is so outrageous, it makes me literally SMH.

Before she knew it, women all over the world were sharing the horrific lies and fibs their exes made up throughout their relationships.


Are we kidding?



Stupid ASF.

…Okay bro.



Men are dogs.

LOL…I cannot.


Bro. Too far.



SMH x2.


SMH x100000.

It’s safe to say that men are absolute pigs. Stay safe out there y’all—you all deserve better.

h/t: Twitter.