21 Of The Most Awkward Run-Ins with Exes

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Run-in’s with your ex will never not be awkward, unless you’re one of those people that’s still friends with their ex’s (which in that case, you’re downright insane). If you’re like the rest of us and can’t stand seeing the sight of your ex because they’re called an ex for a reason, then you can relate.

Imagine enjoying your time and minding your own business out in public, then all of a sudden, your ex decides to barge in and ruin all the fun with their presence. How rude and uncalled far! What’s the next step? A weird exchange followed by an even weirder hug/handshake/wave/departure? Who even wants a part of that? No one, that is.

Then, after the exchange you over analyze every ounce of your being and how the situation went down. You start to delve into the relationship that the two of you had, why it went awry, and judge the awkwardness of your interaction on a scale of 1-10. You know the feeling, it’s a part of falling in and out relationships. Run-in’s with ex’s is inevitable though we hope to avoid them will all our might.

The following 21 run-in’s with ex’s will make you cringe:


At a swinger’s party, we made eye contact i was balls deep in a very nice jewish lady. We made eye contact and she walked away with a confused look on her face. I later saw her getting dominated by some black guy. At that point i had enough of the party and went home.


Valentine’s Day. The boyfriend and I had reservations for a very small, intimate Italian restaurant that is damn near impossible to get a seat at. Coincidentally, so did my ex. And his ex. Together.


I married young, divorced after a few years (no kids!) then remarried and had a son. Son gets to school age, who’s child is in my sons class? My ex wife’s, who has since also re-married and had kids. Her son and my son are now friends, and I have never spoken to my ex since we split.


I walked out of my lecture hall one night after a long and brutal seminar and asked a group of people if I could bum a smoke. The guy I bummed a smoke off was talking to my ex. I simply took the smoke and left. She tried talking to me but I just said “Thanks bud” and left.