Women On Dating Apps Are Sharing The Bios That Make Them Swipe Left (21 Stories)

What makes a woman instantly swipe left? Because, let’s be real, we all have the insta-NOPE lines in dating profiles. So now, thanks to the BuzzFeed Community, there are a whole lot of even more awesome reasons women go “HARD PASS” when perusing dating profiles.


“I’ll fall for you, if you trip me.”—dianes5


“The phrase ‘Let me guess,’ and then they proceed to name a bunch of stuff that’s supposedly on my profile. Dude, just read all of what I actually wrote on mine and you won’t need to guess.”—coffeebee


“‘Please know how to hold a conversation.’ Fine, I expect the same courtesy, though.”—coffeebee


“I hate ‘I’m overly competitive about EVERYTHING.’ To me, that just screams, ‘I’m insecure!'”—missjo


Putting down women in their profile, like, “If you don’t look like your pics, first drink is on you.”—corago


“Any profile that’s a list of what THEY want without any mention of why *I* might be interested in THEM. I see lots of profiles where a guy’s wish list describes me exactly and I’m like, ‘Too bad he’ll never know, because I have no reason to swipe right.'”—nomi


“‘Open to a long-term relationship with the right person.’ It sounds reasonable on the surface, but…NO ONE wants to get into a relationship with the wrong person, so this screams, ‘I’m not really looking for long-term, but I don’t want to say that, so I’m being intentionally vague in case we meet and you might want to hook up.'”—sexxymoefoe


“I’m 6 ft 7 in…those are two different measurements.”—frodofreaklotr


“I’m a bit tired of ‘if my dog likes you, so will I.’ As someone who has been bitten in the face and arm by a dog, dogs freak me out a bit. I’m tired of the assumption that everyone wants or is comfortable around a dog. Also, having a dog is also not an entire personality trait. You’ll have to tell me a bit about yourself, not just post pictures of your dog and hope that works.”—just_tea


“Complaining about other women on the app as if they’re entitled to be attracted to every woman on there. Just swipe left like the rest of us, bro.”—emilyl26