16 Stories Of Spoiled Christmas Behavior

Christmas is my favorite time of the year — the snow! (well, some places), the chill in the air, the baking, the time off from work and school … I just love it.

And sure, yeah, presents don’t hurt.

But hoo boy, this list of horribly spoiled people that the BuzzFeed Community shared really throws water all over my Christmas cheer.

1. Rich kids

“We gave gift cards to my rich kid cousins who rolled their eyes and said they had drawers full of them. I suggested to my parents that, next year, we make a donation in their name instead.” —leoness13

2. Light it on fire

“I was at a Christmas Eve party where the kids of the family that was hosting got mad they couldn’t open any presents yet, so they proceeded to throw their wrapped gifts into the fireplace. They got about five or six gifts into the fire before their dad stepped in. It was one of the most outrageous things I ever witnessed!” —oonasmom

3. Homemade isn’t good enough

“My mom made homemade gifts for my dad’s sisters one year, but they scoffed and said handmade gifts were cheap and worthless, and they ‘wanted something better next time.'”—colleend9

4. Uggggghh.

“I had a friend in high school who got the car she wanted with a custom paint job for Christmas. She pushed me to come over and see it after my family finished Christmas morning. She bragged for a while, then spent ages criticizing her other gifts — including a massive pile of clothes — and yelled at her mother because her Uggs weren’t the right size. I was so embarrassed to be there.” —ravenclark

5. Opening gifts

“One year my cousin, after he’d opened all of his own gifts, started opening everyone else’s gifts too. When I tried to stop him he screamed bloody murder. My aunt said to let him because he was a baby and didn’t know better. He was 5.” —clumsyfoo94

6. Wrong color

“A daughter of a business friend refused a new, gold Mercedes convertible because, she told her parents, ‘you knew I wanted a black one.'”—dawnae

7. Counted gifts

“My sister threw a tantrum when my parents bought more presents for my newborn son (their first grandchild) than they did for her. She counted ‘only’ 11 for her and he had 13.” —taylorw4ccb59fca

8. Drank too much

“I host a holiday party every year and take care of the alcohol, appetizers, and a small gift for everyone invited. I plan and budget for it for MONTHS. I invited this new girl from work who didn’t have a lot of friends and she happily accepted. Even though I explained multiple times that I have a head count and can’t do plus ones, she showed up with her sister, boyfriend, AND another co-worker of ours anyway!”

“They all drank way too much, complained there wasn’t enough food, and whined that they didn’t get a gift like everyone else even though I offered for them to take a bottle of wine home instead. The real cherry on top was that she insisted I either let them crash at my place OR pay for the Uber home since I was the hostess and it was my job to make sure people get home safely!”—lizm4afe0a7a0

9. Return the wrong phone

“My boss told me they had to go to the Apple store after closing to return the iPhone 8 her nephew’s parents had bought for the child after he cried all of Christmas Day because he wanted the iPhone X.” —anahyv

10. Bratty bro

“Back when the iPod touch was a big deal, my dad got my brother one for Christmas because my brother loved music. My dad had it inscribed with, ‘I love you, (brother’s name). Love, Dad.’ My brother opened it and said it was a terrible gift and that he would never use it.

“I told him it was an amazing gift and asked if I could have it. He said ‘yes’ and I used it all the time. But it was a hilarious reminder that it wasn’t actually my present every time I looked at the inscription.” —s42f5716aa

11. Eh, I can see how this would be upsetting

“My cousin’s second wife only comes around on the holidays and sits in the other room, away from everyone. Last Christmas, when it came time to hand out gifts from my grandma, she looked at hers and growled, ‘She spelled my name wrong.’ She then left the family gathering a few minutes later. She was so salty that my 83-year-old grandmother misspelled her name that she left.” —mlward

12. Wrong ring

“My childhood best friend threw a three-hour crying fit when her high school boyfriend proposed to her on Christmas. The reason? The ring he proposed with wasn’t the one she wanted.” —taylynngabbey

13. More tantrums

“An ex-friend took her kids to a holiday celebration where she drank too much and let her kids run around the room. Her kids then found a Christmas tree in the lobby that had toys for needy kids underneath it, and ripped open a bunch.

“When they were pulled away they threw a huge tantrum, including kicking the workers and trying to break the things they had unwrapped. Their mother refused to apologize saying, ‘What did you expect, having presents out for children to open?’ Her kids were 8 and 10.” —msky13

14. Bag problems

“My cousin got a new designer bag from her mother one Christmas and called it ‘hideous.’ My aunt gave it to me instead. Merry Christmas!”—sunnygrace57

15. Shower strike

“My aunt’s boyfriend’s son is the most spoiled brat I’ve ever known. This year for Christmas he asked for a new car and was told ‘no’ because CARS ARE EXPENSIVE, and his current car is a 2014 Mustang. So what did he do? According to my aunt, he’s gone on a ‘shower strike’ until he gets a new car.” —saraf46cbcaf4c

16. Cash?

“An acquaintance yelled at his aunt after she gave him a $50 Amazon gift card, demanded cash, and then — when his aunt (rightfully) refused — threw the card at her and left the family party. He’s 40.” —morganm4705f4864