Men Are Sharing The Gifts They’d Actually Like To Receive (21 Ideas)


“Blowjobs.” –stchrysostom


“Pay attention. Guys tell you what they want all the time, even if they don’t realize it.” –bebop319


“You know what I really want? A nice comfortable desk chair. Because if it is comfortable to sit in, I will think of you each time I sit in it. And if it is quality and lasts a long time, I’ll be thinking of your gift for quite a long time!” –brettBPK


“One of my boyfriends favorite shows is “Bob’s Burgers” and I found a book on Amazon that had all the recipes from the show. My dude will probably never use it, but he will get a good kick out of it. Quality sportswear is always a good option. If your dude likes hot sauce, you could do a hot sauce making kit. I got my dad a golf club practice swinger, he absolutely loves it!” –thelil1thatcould


“Money, video games (specifically ones we ask for), and lap dances.” –Jakov_Salinsky


“Clearly depending on the circumstances, but if you have small kids, just gift him some time, even if it is just for a few hours. After being married, there is hardly anything I value more than some (limited) me-time w/o any obligations/schedules/tasks to do. I love the four of us together, but boy does it feel good to be alone sometimes.” –thingfromthedeep82


“Candles. I may be a guy, but my place still needs to smell nice and give off a pleasant ambiance. I could be stuck smelling candles at Walmart for hours.” –Kesenai_


“Can’t go wrong with booze.” –ShittyLanding


“Just get me a cologne. I’ll worship you forever.” –Comfortable_Tension2


“Myself: Whiskey, flasks, drinking glasses, gift cards, cigars, books, money, gaming controllers, chess board, dart board, guitar pedals, grooming kit, beard trimmer, hoodies, Chuck Taylor’s” –walt_w84