You’re Actually Supposed To Wait Until January 6th To Take Your Christmas Tree Down

There are two types of people during the holidays: Those who take down their Christmas trees immediately on December 26th…

People who take down their Christmas trees the day after Christmas are serial killers.

And people like me, who, be it through sheer laziness or an unwillingness to say goodbye to the holiday season, or both, wait until the HOA threatens to fine me if I don’t take down my decorations.


And that makes sense, right? I mean, it took me forever to put them up, so I’m not about to rush right into taking them down.

Well, we did the research and have got some good news for you if your tree is still sitting in your living room.

When should you take down a Christmas tree?

Remember the “12 Days Of Christmas“? It’s not just a song about partridges and pear trees!

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Officially, the proverbial “12 days” don’t actually start until Christmas Day, meaning you have, at a minimum, 12 days after Christmas to take down your tree, since it’s technically still Christmas until January 6th.

According to Christian tradition, January 6, also known as the “Feast of Epiphany,” marks the day the Three Wisemen arrived in Bethlehem and, thus concludes your Christmas season. 

Basically, you’re all good if you’ve got your tree up still. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Now, relax and enjoy some funny memes & Tweets about un-decorating after Christmas:

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