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People Share Stories Behind Their Worst Tattoos — And They’re Good

Everyone loves a bad tattoo story. Because with every bad tattoo, you know there is a story.

Bad tattoos don’t come from someone who carefully planned out their design, had a consultation with the artist, got a look at the artist’s rendering, and made a thoughtful decision.


Bad tattoos are a result of bad decisions and unclear thinking. Which is why they are awesome.

TikTok user Hanna Nic wanted to see some bad tattoos, as well as share their own.

It goes back to when they were in the Navy as an ode to when they “would tell use to hydrate before they beat us.”

Sooo… she got the word “hydrate” tattooed on her butt so boys would remember to hydrate before “beating me,” she says with a wink.

Because bad tattoos is a universal topic, people started using TikTok’s Stitch feature to share their stories.

Here are a few favorites.

This one is actually adorable. It’s a tattoo of Eeyore without his tail. TikTok user @art.of.marn reveals where Eeyore’s tail went.

An Office fan got a tattoo of “7 12 9:36,” meaning season seven, episode 12, nine minutes, 36 seconds. If you head to the timestamp, Michael Scott says “I am dead inside.”


#stitch with @hannanicbic Michael Scott is how i feel always #depresion

♬ original sound – Jeff Crawford

This person rolled up their sleeve to show a campfire. “A concealed firearm.” Good one!

But the winner, and we mean WINNER, is @wakaflockafloccar, who made a poor decision in March 2020, not knowing what was to come.

Oh no.