Yea, This Is Why You Should Probably Delete Your Boss From Your Contacts (29 Texts)

Here at Texts From Last Night, we’ve seen our fair share of embarrassing, incriminating, and just plain ill-advised texts throughout the years.

But there’s nothing more embarrassing than when…

(1) you’ve just sent a text to the wrong person 


(2) that person is your boss

It’s the 1-2 punch of text fails, for sure.

Now look, we’re all different people outside of work, and we do things that might not be incredibly professional in our personal lives.

Bosses know this, but and the wrong message with no context could make or break your career.

So yea, maybe just go ahead and delete your boss from your contacts if you can. Unless your boss is cool then it’ll make for a good laugh. Either way, this is a great reminder to keep that resume up to date.

Here are some of the worst things people have texted their bosses and been willing to share with us…

1. This text that was definitely meant for her husband:


2. This drunk text:


3. And this hilariously ugly selfie:


4. This very honest admission:


5. This flirty cat pic:


6. This sassy time off miscommunication:


7. And this love note, which was definitely not meant for her boss:


8. This wrong person text:


9. This shirtless selfie text:


10. This text she never would have sent if she’d saved the number:


11. This scared stupid text:


12. And this text that was not meant for Ernie:


13. This uncomfortable text: 


14. This text that was meant for his wife:


15. And this awkward drawing:


16. This selfie text that was meant for Gabby:


17. This very honest R&B admission:


18. And this very revealing text:


19. This screenshot that wasn’t for Danny:


20. And this random cat pic:


21. This individual who definitely should’ve checked who was on their group chat.

22. This rather aggressive exchange with the wrong Shannon.



23. This person who probably meant to text two different people.

24. This wildly inappropriate midnight text.

25. This embarrassing slip up.



27. This very confusing message.

28. This weatherman, who went from 32 degrees to 100 real quick.


29. This dude, who sent his boss a raunchy St. Patrick’s Day message.


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