15 Of The Most Ridiculous Text Conversations People Have Actually Had With Their Food Delivery Drivers

Everyone loves the ease of food delivery. Whether you’re suffering from a crippling hangover, are stuck in back to back meetings, or just feel like succumbing to laziness, having someone bring food to you is one of the best conveniences available.

That being said, these are just a few of the most ridiculous conversations people have had with their food delivery drivers and they’re sure to make your day.

1. This driver had very little patience:


2. This driver never arrived:

3. This driver stopped in for a drink:

4. This driver brought out his Carley Rae Jepsen:


5. This conversation was full of super bitmojis:

6. This driver was pretty adorable:

7. This driver shared their very own mixtape:

8. This driver sent back-to-back texts:

9. This driver was on a high horse:

10. This driver got a little too comfortable:

11. This driver identified himself right away:

12. This driver expected gratuity:

13. This delivery driver got an accidental request:

14. This driver had to return to the same house:

15. And this driver was full of memes:

h/t BuzzFeed