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21 People Share Savage Texts From Kids They Got That Made Them Feel Uncool

Communicating tone through texting is a subtle art, and no one is better at annihilating someone with just a few syllables like a teenager. If you feel like the biggest loser on earth after texting with someone under the age of 17, just know that you’re not alone.

Dorky adults who love their little siblings, cousins, and nieces have been suffering in silence, and one tweet has brought them together.

Comedian Maggie Widdoes shared a text from a 13-year-old in which she wrote them an excited happy birthday message that included a number of emojis and exclamation points to express her love and good wishes. 

All she got back was a “Yeah.”

“Don’t text the 13-year-olds in your life happy birthday unless you’re ready to get full-bodied curb-stomped in return,” Widdoes wrote.

The replies are full of screenshots of similar conversations that adults have had with teens, in which the most loving messages are met with silence or gutting words of disinterest. Widdoes found it hilarious:

Because they really, really are. I’m not sure if teens know how devastating they can be. I suspect so. Take comfort in the fact that everyone grows up and becomes the whack adult eventually.