17 People Who Accidentally Texted Their Bosses And Should Probably Just Go Ahead And Quit

Accidental texts are the worst, but they’re even more embarrassing when the recipient happens to be, let’s say, your parent, an ex, or god forbid—your boss.

Just ask these unfortunate souls who unintentionally sent their bosses mortifying text messages and they should probably just go ahead and find new jobs.

1. This person who was accidentally veryhonest.

2. This person who clearly had no idea who they were texting.

3. This individual who definitely should’ve checked who was on their group chat.

4. Poor Dany who managed to quit his job with a screenshot.

5. This rather aggressive exchange with the wrong Shannon.

6. This person who probably meant to text two different people.

7. This accidental selfie.

8. This wildly inappropriate midnight text.

9. This embarrassing slip up.

10. This person who got unintentionally frisky with their manager.