TikToker Calls Out AirBnB Host Who Requires Guests To Do Chores But Still Charges $125 Cleaning Fee

Is it just me or has AirBnB become the very thing it set out to destroy — expensive and inflexible places to stay?

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At least one woman on TikTok would agree with me on this, I think.

TikTok user MelWoreIt recently posted a rant video on TikTok noting that her rental had charged $229 a night, had a cleaning fee of $125, but in addition, guests were asked to do chores before leaving.

MelWoreIt was searching for accommodations for a mini-vacation with her husband. While browsing, the woman stumbled upon what looked like a good fit for her price range…

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She acknowledged the cleaning fee is pretty standard.

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But says she drew the line when asked to load the dishwasher and start a load of laundry, since that’s what the cleaning fee is for?

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$700 for two nights ≠ no chores lol

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Users had some thoughts, pointing out that hotels don’t ask you to do all that, and cost about the same.

Others thought it was not asking much.

Some argued that the hosts are just being greedy, and others pointed out that asking to run the dishes and laundry would mean the cleaners could put them away instead of spending extra time there, which would just increase the cost of the cleaning fee.

I’m on the side of the host here. The cleaning fee is just going to be higher if you don’t do the 5-second work of starting the dishwasher and loading the laundry.

That said, I also agree that hotels don’t make you pay for this stuff, so if you can’t figure out how to efficiently run your AirBNB, should you really be competing against hotels that have figured out how to run their ships tightly?