‘Gon have u questioning why tf do I work here?’ — Server Only Makes $20 In Tips On A 5 Hr Shift

Being a server is hard work. The shifts can be long, the pay stinks, and if you get bad tippers, it’s the worst job in the world.

That’s what TikToker Rockman (@rockman.cal) went through recently after a lousy day at work (scroll to the end for the full video).

In a video that later went viral, he danced with the clown filter while he wrote about how crappy his shift was.

He wrote: “5 hrs into ur server shift on ur third table with only $20 in tips made and my manager says I’m cut after this table.”

bad tippers

Yikes. Those bad tippers can really make a bad day even worse. Of course, these days happen to everyone — one server even complained when a bad tipper tried to hit on her (and tipped less than 10 percent).

While tipping can be a controversial subject, here in the U.S., a good rule of thumb is to tip 15 to 20 percent of the bill.

And servers, who make less than minimum wage in much of the country, really need that money.

But it’s not just servers, you should also tip baristas, bartenders, food delivery drivers, rideshare drivers, beauticians and bellhops, just to name a few.

bad tippers

And now that we’re into the holiday season, it’s also a good idea to tip housekeepers, childcare providers, teachers, landscapers, and trash collectors.

If you’re wondering who to tip, etiquette expert Lizzie Post has this advice: “One good thing to do is think about who are the service providers who made a difference to you; the people you couldn’t live without.”

Back to Rockman, he wrote about his job as a server: “The good days are amazing but damn school time gon have u questioning why tf do i work here.”

And commenters were feeling his pain.



We hope things turn around for him because everyone could use some extra cash this holiday season. If you need help with tipping, here’s a handy guide. And if you are a bad tipper, go forth and sin no more!

Here’s the video.


h/t: Daily Dot