Bartender Documents Vile Sexual Harassment At Work In Viral TikTok

If you’ve ever worked a service job, you know how bad the sexual harassment can be — especially if you’re a woman. So when one TikTok user and bartender shared her experience of harassment, it was hardly surprising. Still, the video was so vile it received 1.8 million views and lots of disgusted responses.

Kayla Governor, a 24-year old bartender and student, posted the video. In it, Kayla rejects a male customer’s advances. She told Buzzfeed that their conversation started off innocuously enough with some “innocent flirting.” However, the customer took things into a decidedly different direction—he told Kayla to come back to his hotel room so they could do cocaine and he could “show her a good time.”

Kayla tells the man she isn’t interested, but he continues to bother her. “You seem like the type…I think you need it,” he says, adding “It’s the least you could do…because I took good care of you today. You made so much money off of me.”

Finally, Kayla ends the video with the man asked her if she’s ever had drinks before. “I drink at my church,” Kayla retorts.

“At first I felt normal. This happens to me almost every time I’m working. Men like to flirt. Then, for the first time ever at work, I actually got scared and very uncomfortable. … This has been happening to me since I started waitressing at the age of 18. It has never really been to this extent, but it’s always happened,” Kayla told Buzzfeed.

“I’m doing my job, and my job happens to be serving alcohol. That doesn’t make it okay for men to act like I owe them something else. Then, I’m put in the position to be as polite as I can because it’s my job to be.”


Reply to @user0p6t1kp94a sexually harassed I should of said not assaulted

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She added that she wanted to share the encounter on TikTok to “show other people what it’s like being a woman in this business.”

Featured Image: Instagram