Hooters With Plus-Sized Waitresses Sparks Debate

Jaron Furches (@jaronfurches) recently posted a TikTok that showed a picture of women in Hooters uniforms. The women were all plus-sized.

“The [world’s] first plus size hooters just opened,” he wrote in the video.


He then rides his Heely sneakers to the door of his apartment while lip-syncing “Running out of Time”.

The lyrics of the song, “we gotta go, we gotta go, I know, I know,” have become popularized in TikTok content.

“OMW to win customer of the year,” he wrote, again in the caption of the video.

The TikTok quickly went viral with over 3.7 million views as of Thursday morning.

It’s entirely possible, however, that the entire TikTok is a goof built around a Halloween photo of several unnamed women. The Daily Dot could not verify that a Hooters location like this exists. The Daily Dot reached out to both Hooters and Furches, the latter of which said he would open a Hooters if he could afford it.


Comments on the video rolled in, generally with enthusiasm for plus-sized Hooters staff.

“You gotta be 2 somethin to 2 somethin,” wrote in @saglife98. The refrain regarding a woman’s weight was popularized on TikTok Juicy Body Goddess, a plus-sized boutique in North Carolina. 

“Running to get an application,” said @oversizedsnicker.

Aaaand it’s the internet, so get ready for the hot criticisms.

“Something about having a specific location doesn’t sit well with me,” wrote in @kristinaford642. “They should be able to work [at] any location.”

“Why can’t they just hire all sizes at any Hooters?” pointed out @ecstacyartistry. “Why discriminate in the first place.”

“I just wish every Hooters had all sorts of girls working together,” @aubrenyc commented on the video.

And finally… “This lowkey hurts my feelings,” confessed @tehya.n. “Why can’t I just work at a normal Hooters?”

Why not indeed.