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Women On TikTok Are Talking About ‘Hogging’ And It’s Pretty Disturbing

What is hogging? Oh boy, strap yourself in.

Now, I’d never heard of “hogging” before, but it’s apparently nothing new.

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Urban Dictionary explains “hogging” is when groups of men compete to sleep with the “fattest” woman at a bar or party.

And, a shock to absolutely no one, is that fraternities are top abusers.

In 2018, the Cornell University frat Zeta Beta Tau was reportedly having a “pig roast” where “competed to sleep with women they consider overweight”, according to Slate.

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Megan Makes, @megsforfun on TikTok, explains in a viral TikTok: “Hogging is a practice in which men will typically prey on fat women, and make bets with their friends about finding the fattest and most unattractive woman and having sex with her.”

“Sometimes they will then, in the completion of having sex with her, have the entire group of men come barging in the room, and they’ll start oinking and harassing the woman until she leaves that space.”

@megsforfun / Instagram

Pretty freaking horrifying, right? And it’s NOT an isolated thing at all.

Megan spoke with BuzzFeed about the practice.

“Hogging is a practice of achieving masculinity,” Megan said. “One of the ways men can do that, in their eyes, is by sleeping with the greatest number of people possible. They see fat women as easy targets.”

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“My hope is that by having a conversation about hogging, more people will become aware of it and respond negatively to it happening. And so, hopefully it happens less frequently,” she added. “But more importantly, if and when it happens, I hope that people see, and become aware, and we can check each other.”

Users on TikTok were horrified to realize that they were involved in a hogging-situation.

“This confirms to me that I was definitely a part of a hazing ritual at Mizzou against my will,” Adrieanna, @urgirladrie on TikTok, said. “I matched with a guy who was pledging this frat and he invites me over…We get to the room and its just a bed on a floor and a laptop pointing… I knew I was being watched.”


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“At some point he asked me to go all the way, and I’m just like, ‘I’m good, I actually wanna leave’ … He starts looking around and says, ‘We have to get you out of here right now.’ I think I ruined his frat ritual by saying ‘No,’ and they were basically gonna jump out and laugh at me,” she added.

Megan shared that men responded to her original TikTok saying, “I’ve never heard of this happening,” and “I can’t believe that this happens.” 

She hopes those men take it on themselves to “shut it down”.

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“When it comes to any form of violence surrounding sex and sexuality, one of the most important parts is men holding each other accountable,” she explained. “In order to get them to do that, they need to hear what it even is in the first place, and know that it’s a thing that exists and happens.”

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