Retail Workers Debunk This Tiktoker’s Wild “Food Shortage” Conspiracy Theory

It’s hard to say why some radicals are so keen on turning everything into a conspiracy theory. Over on Tiktok, a user who goes as The Prophetic Warrior (gag), shared a video of a grocery store shelf that only had product in the front. The user put spooky music in the background of her moving the items and made it seem like there are huge food shortages happening and people should ration their food. 

It’s clear this person has never worked retail, otherwise, they would know what “facing product” means. But have they never been inside a grocery store before? 

Here is their stupid video. 


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The OP obviously got dragged by the internet by people who have been on planet Earth for more than 3 minutes. Here are their funniest comments. 


Better luck next time, “Prophetic Warrior.”

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