TikToker Shares Her Advice For Women To Command Respect In The Workplace

We’ve come a long way when it comes to equality in the workplace, but we also have a long way to go. The fact that women still have to speak up or change the way they communicate just to be seen as a professional in the workplace is ridiculous.

From being told to smile to sexual harassment or even assault, women have put up with the worst behavior from male coworkers. 

TikToker Katie Tucci is sharing her strategies for commanding respect at work, and people are here for it.

In the now-viral video, she explains that she always introduces herself with her first and last name in any professional context and that she starts every meeting with a firm handshake.

She also uses direct and declarative language while speaking.

“One thing my professors pushed in law school and I think is very invaluable is to stop waffling… You’re being paid for your opinion, your intellect, your research, and what you bring to the table. Sounding unsure about what you’re bringing to the table is the first way to undermine yourself.”

TikTok | @KayTuc

She also suggests tips for using body language at work that signals she’s not afraid to take up space.

“I do not smile in meetings. I always make sure that my chair is raised up as high as it can be. So visually when I’m sitting at a table, I’m about head level and eye level with everyone else, even though I’m naturally pretty short.”

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Katie also notes that male-coded body language, like leaning back or sitting with her legs slightly apart, demonstrates her power in the room.

“That sort of relaxed atmosphere actually translates a little bit to arrogance. And frankly, I’ve found that it works.”

TikTok | @KayTuc

Additionally, she likes to reinforce her authority by taking the lead in meetings.

“I always try to be the one initiating whatever we’re doing next, whether it’s standing up to move and end the meeting, whether it’s shaking hands at the door to say goodbye, whether it’s moving someone from one space to another. I’m the one who starts doing it to get everyone else to follow me.”

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She also shares her advice for handling men who insist on using pet names like “honey” or “sweetie”.

“There’s absolutely nothing wrong with saying, ‘You know, I really don’t think you are interested in engaging in this meeting with me in good faith. So I’m going to have to continue to use my time elsewhere.’ This is the most important part. You cannot let them get away with that. Do not accept an apology. Do not normalize it. Do not nod your head and smile. I know it’s incredibly uncomfortable. I know it’s incredibly terrifying. And honestly, this took me years to feel comfortable doing. You stand your ground, you look them in the eye, and you say, ‘My name is not sweetheart.'”

TikTok | @KayTuc

“Don’t be disappointed in yourself if you can’t do this all immediately. It took me a decade to learn most of this stuff. Just don’t ever be afraid to make them uncomfortable because they are never afraid to make you uncomfortable.”

Commenters Loved Katies Advice

While others hated that women should have to change the way they present themselves AT ALL in order to be treated as professionals.


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