TikTok Account Shares Common Tourist Scams To Watch For When Traveling

Travel will eventually go back to normal and all of the common travel scams will come back too. There’s no need to be afraid of traveling, but doing some research before your flight takes off is a good way to keep you and your valuables safe. 

There’s a good chance you know someone who has been pickpocketed while traveling or been ripped off. It’s pretty easy to dismiss these claims because it seems like it only happens to people who aren’t street smart. 

TikTok user, @isotravels, shares all of the common travel scams divided by country to help people know what to look out for. These scams aren’t as obvious as many people might think. 


2. Netherlands

3. Turkey

4. Australia 

5. America

6. Romania

7. Mexico

8. Thailand

9. India

10. Egypt

11. Italy

12. Germany

13. Mexico 

14. Iran

14. Philippines

15. Hungary

16. Nigeria

17. Brazil

18. Canada

19. France

20. Portugal

21. United Kingdom

22. Ireland

23. Spain