Tiktoker Shares Customer Service Phone Hack So You Can Speak Directly To A Human

How many times have you been on a customer service call getting bounced around from automated message to automated message? Do you wish there was a way to just speak directly to an actual human being? Well, you’re in luck.

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Tiktoker Liz (@lizthemusicmanager) has a customer service phone hack that you can use to speak directly to a person.

Liz goes on to explain the simple phone hack to bypass the BS and get right to what you need. Simply dial “0#0#0#” while waiting at the main menu. While this doesn’t work on some automated systems, many times it will get you through to a living, breathing human being.

The comments section was skeptical on this Tiktok, but provided other helpful hacks as well.

Have you tried this before? Honestly I’m a scream “REPRESENTATIVE” person. Being held in a customer service bot loop is what I imagine hell, or at the very least purgatory, to be like. I’m happy to take whatever hacks or tools I can get.