‘I can’t believe people don’t tip.’ — Domino’s Employee Shares How Much She Makes In Tips

A Dominoes pizza delivery driver has gone viral on TikTok for how many tips she makes in a typical night of work. User Allison (allison_green0), posted her clip describing her earnings which ranged house to house between a decent amount, to nothing. The video racked up 754k views and a lot of discussion on the importance of tipping.


Over the course of 11 orders, she received $13 in cash tips and $42.29 in credit card tips, not counting her reimbursement for gas. This averages to a tip of $5.03 per delivery, though many deliveries varied in terms of the actual order cost. Despite the lack of payment for a her hard work, Allison was positive about the situation, concluding at the end of her video,

“It’s not terrible for a Monday, but it could be better,” she says with a smile. “But it’s not terrible!”

Tipping is a more recent topic of debate. Some are getting frustrated with all the new ways businesses are attempting to squeeze every penny they can out of the consumer. In many instances, tipping is being requested for minuscule reasons, such as drive-thrus and online orders. This absurd request is giving tipping as a practice a bad name.

Dominoes drivers and pizza delivery workers as a whole have been around for decades. It’s generally common knowledge to tip your delivery driver. Unfortunately, most chain restaurants are adding a mandatory “delivery fee” with their online orders now, confusing customers on whether the driver has already been tipped. Insiders suggest the delivery fee goes to the Dominoes store as a gasoline aid, so the driver usually doesn’t ever see that $4-$5 “delivery fee.”

This Dominoes employee’s TikTok on how much she makes in tips shed light on how important it is to tip your delivery drivers.

allison_green0 via TIkTok

Commenters commended Allison for her work and optimistic mindset. Many were baffled to find out so many customers don’t even tip at all.

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